Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After the washing...

This is a Riley Blake print. Everytime I see a humming bird, I think of my Grandmother, Marion Smith Nelson.
My grandmother and grandad, Marion & Bob Nelson 
I Love this picture, they look so fancy!

 Grandmother was always dressed perfectly!
Every time I finish a quilt I think about how much she would LOVE them.   My grandparents were my biggest fans... no matter what I was up to! ;)

A package came......

I am seriously thinking about making one of these...
I am probably going to make one of these...
I'll be making me some if this in a few days :)
I quilt, I bake bread, what more could you ask for??? ( she says as two Costco pizzas bake in her oven)
ps- the quilt is still in the dryer :D

Vintage Eva is finished and in the washer :)

Binding with bobby pins, as usual :)

This is a picture of my dented, calloused right middle finger. It is from blind stitching the bindings of my 6 finished quilts. Anna's should be back from the quilters any day :) I have two tops finished and will get them quilted over the next few weeks. Maybe one tomorrow if I can do it. I am thinking tomorrow is a good day to make a cover/cozy for my sewing machine.

Here it is all done and hanging on the fence. I really love it! I'll take more pictures after it gets out of the dryer. I had another close up of it, but it seems to be missing...
Here is the missing close up :)  If you look closely, you can see my name :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As far as it's getting today...

I decided to try roses on the quilt today. I did a rose on each of the squares. It looks pretty cool on the minky. This minky is green... I am guessing the sun light is making it so greyish :)

The top.

The minky is the same color as the green in the blocks. It's SUPER cute!

I am SO tired that I felt it better to stop sewing. I am so tired I could cry at any moment-kind of tired. It's also the "can't form cohesive sentences" tired ;)
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February $29 Quilt

This quilt is SO DARN CUTE!!! I know I say that about most quilts, but I am serious this time :) This is the Morganson's $29 quilt for February, designed and made by Rebecca Morganson. I can't wait to cut into my cute pile of fabric and make my very own. I'll post a pic of the fabric later. For now, I must get back to quilting the Vintage Eva :)  I can't wait to try the flying geese :)

Close up of Rebecca's Fabulous quilt!!!

I wonder if I'll be able to do this applique!?

Monday, February 27, 2012

A new quilt

This fabric was in the 12# grab bag from The Fat Quarter Shop. I love the peaches and greens. They are so happy with a bit of a vintage flare. It was my first attempt at fussy cutting. There was a panel that came in the 1# panel grab bag. It had pears, humming birds and dragon flies.
I have wanted to try this quilt pattern. It was trickier that I thought it would be. After sewing the first three rows together and having them not match up, I started to pin and that corrected the problem.
The squares are 4.5" and the sashing is 2.5".

I started cutting this one out Saturday morning. I had the rows sewn by Saturday afternoon. I finished sewing it all up today.

Here is the beginning of the quilt sandwich.

I really love how it looks all pinned up :)

I pin basted it while the we watched Horton Hears a Whoo for FHE.

I decided to start a bit of quilting tonight. I hope to get this all finished tomorrow and off it the mail. It will be my first quilt that I give away. Wish me luck!

I bought the back for this quilt at Gracie Lou's today along with the back for the Pink and Grey Angel quilt.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The reasons why, let me count the ways...

I was laying in bed this morning (4am) after a fit full sleep, dreaming about Dear Jane Quilts and Civil War fabric and thinking about why I have become totally obsessed with quilting.  I think it is pretty simple.
Quilting is and/or "What I like about Quilting":
#1 Neat, as in tidy
#2 Clean, as in NOT covered in food or mud
#4 Obedient- if you cut correctly, sew accurately, press well, it turns out exactly as planned... or better... mostly...
#5 You can leave it for a bit and it is exactly as you left it.
#6 BEAUTIFUL- and other people think so too
#7 Cuddly, if that is what you need them to be
#8 WARM and cozy
#9 If you don't like them you can give them away....
#10 If you really like them, in a sort of strange and obsessed way, you can keep them.
#11 You can make whatever kind you want, how ever you want!
#12  FABRIC is AWESOME to play with and it's PRETTY!!!! (see #1, 2 & 3) .....and 4 & 5 too
#13 If you mess up, you can take a seam ripper to it and fix it... or ignore it... or start over
#14 I can't eat while I quilt, at least not very much and no messy, gooey fattening stuff!!!
#15 I can do it any time of day or night.... even at 3am, quilts don't care, as a matter of fact, I think they like it!
#16 There are SO many "parts" that I don't get bored.. cutting, pressing, sewing, pressing and cutting some more...
#17  Rulers.  They are straight and crisp. (OK- 17 is weird, but true.  I'd buy them all if I could....)
#18 If I get tired of one quilt, I can put it aside and play with another one, or another one...

So there you have it.  I am sure there are more things to add, but for now this works.  Life can be messy, UGLY, complicated, disobedient and unruly.  The end.  Have a nice day.

(I was going to say something profound about quilting, but "the end and have a nice day" just seemed to fit)

ps- I am going to go get on the elliptical.  You know, I do have one complaint about quilting, it should burn WAY more calories!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

...and a few more....

Apparently Picasa does not like to upload very many pic's at a time to blogger, so I guess I'll have to post THREE times to cover the shopping spree :D  The final post of the fabric haul from the Fat Quarter Shop.  BEST DAY EVER!!!

Is is bad to have piles of fabric be the main decoration in your living room?

More from the Fat Quarter Shop...

The following are from the 1# panel package...

These are the fabrics that I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop that were on sale. These are for my bed and to be used with a vintage sheet from my Grandmothers home. It is the green and white geometric stripe in the background. I am SO excited!!!