Longarm Quilting Service

Email me at marion.f.mcclellan AT gmail DOT com

Edge-to-edge all over quilting* starting at $.013 per square inch.

Graffiti quilting*** starts at $.025 per square inch.

Custom quilting**  Starts at $.045 per square inch.

Quilts of all sizes are welcome!  $30 minimum.

There is an additional charge for thread color changes.  There is a standard thread charge of $1 per bobbin used for each quilt.  Specialty thread is charged at $2.50 per bobbin (ie- metallic).

Please make sure that your quilt back is 4" longer and 4" wider all of the way around, than your quilt top and as square as possible.  The extra fabric is needed for me to properly load it on my frame.  If it is the same size as the top I will not be able to quilt the entire space.  If you would like me to piece your back, there will be an additional charge of $20 per seam.  Ironing of the top and backing are the customers responsibility.  (Additional hourly charges will be added for time spent squaring a back.)

Batting: Please remember that your batting must be about 2-3" larger than your top all of the way around.

Batting is available at an additional charge.

Winline Textiles Batting, 100% cotton 96" wide for $10 per yard. 

Winline Wool Batting.  108" Wide.  $16 per yard.  Machine wash cold, air dry flat.

Please email me (marion.f.mcclellan AT gmail DOT com) or leave a comment below with more specific questions.

Binding services available.  Click HERE for more information.

*All Over Quilting- This is one design motif that is quilted over the entire quilt top, edge to edge.  The price for this goes up as the scale of the design goes down ;)  (Smaller scale = more time = more $$$) ;)

**Custom Quilting- This is where the quilting design is specific to a certain area or block of the quilt.  Most often there is more than one quilting motif used.  The number, scale, and complexity of the quilting motifs determine the price.

***Graffiti Quilting-  This is where many quilting motifs are used, very closely together.  The scale of the design determines price.  Larger scale costs less, smaller scale costs more.

****Free Motion Quilting- The design is solely controlled by me.  I "draw" the design onto the fabric with the longarm quilting machine.  There is no computer, template, or pentograph used.  Because of the nature of this method, the designs are not perfect or 100% uniform. (That is what I like about it :))  If you would like an excellent computerized quilter, I can refer you to one.

How to figure out the approximate price for your quilt.  Start with your quilt top dimensions, 80" x 92".  Multiply those two numbers.  80 x 92 = 7,360   Now multiply your answer by the price per square inch.  7,360 x .01= $73.60.  Ta-da!  :)

If you are shipping your quilt to me for quilting, the customer is responsible for shipping costs to me and the return shipping costs as well.  All quilts will be shipped USPS 2-Day Priority Shipping, unless otherwise arranged for.

Prices are subject to change.

My Quilting Story

I am located in Payson, Utah.  I have been free motion quilting**** on my domestic Pfaff sewing machine since January 2012.  In May 2015, I bought my first longarm quilting machine.  I have a Gammill Optimum 30" with a 14' frame.  You can read and see more of my quilting by clicking HERE.

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