Saturday, March 31, 2012

Barnyard Stars Topped!

The "Stars of the Barnyard" top is finished :)  I'm sorry these pictures aren't very good :(  I have got to figure this picture taking stuff out! might help if I had a good camera....  but I'd rather spend money on fabric ;D

My quilt has feet ;)

The close up shows the colors much better.
When I finished the quilt top, I started to work on a baby quilt with the left over fabric for my cousins baby shower next week.
The  row of animals will be in the center of the quilt.
Oh, and I have an appointment to get my sewing machine serviced Monday morning.  He should be able to have it done first thing Monday morning so I can get back to quilting asap :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Post #100... something special...

Sewing... Live Animals.... FIRE!!!!

Four of the Easter Bags are finished :)

I figured since the bags were for Easter, I should include the Easter bunny :)

This is our bunny, Fatty, aka- Big Fat White Bunny

He's not great at posing :(

Fat Fat is a New Zealand White

"Is this my good side?"

He is an albino.

He is blind.

"I think this might be my best side!"

One more of the cute bags.

Fatty McFat Fat is about the size of a large cat.

Now for the FIRE!!!  In honor of our neighbors retirement, we had a BBQ and a bon fire.  The men got a little out of hand and decided to burn the boxes that my hubby's new grill came it.  It made BIG flames, 12-15 feet high ;D

PS- I have a good chunk of another of the Easter Bags finished.  I need about 40 minutes to finish it.  I ran out of pellon, so before I can start on the very last one, I am going to have to run to the store in the morning so I can pound these bad boys out Monday morning.  I am planning on getting the top sewn for the Stars of the Barnyard Quilt tomorrow.  I am thinking I should be able to baste and quilt the Stars & Cherry quilts Tuesday-thursday.  I'd really like to make a zippered makeup bag next week too.

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PPS-  To make these bags, I sort of used a tutorial I found on line.. I posted the link the first time I got the brilliant idea to make these bad boys for Easter.  I'll look for it..... and here it is,  She did a GREAT job with this tutorial.  I ended up making tons of modifications, but her pattern is a perfect place to start!  I have made bags forever, so I used her basic measurements for the first one I made and then modified the next five to my needs.  The strap measurement on her tutorial is for a small child.  It is barely long enough for my kindergartner.  I would have made his strap at least 38-40".  I ended up making 52" straps for my big girls.  They are perfect for our 5'11" daughter and me, 5'9".


WARNING:  this post contains graphic pictures of my hubby's recently repaired heal.  I think they look cool, but some of you might not like them.  I am posting them here for his family to see in order with explanations.  I couldn't figure out how to do it in the email!  I am pretty lame some times....

Just for the few people who don't know us... My sweet hubby fell of our roof in June 2010.  He was repaired at that time by a masterful surgeon, but the damage was too extensive and he never healed properly.  Just before this past Christmas we found out that the failure of the heal was so extensive that would need another repair job.  We were very disappointed.  We enlisted our family and friends to pray and fast for his recovery this time.  I have to say with a humble and grateful heart that our prayers were answered and we have seen miracles, many wonderful miracles and blessings.

Now are you ready for the gruesomeness??? ;D

This is 2 weeks after surgery.

This is 2 weeks after surgery, showing the two new 4" long titanium screws :p  Each screw cost $1,230 :O

Now, this is the pic that makes me sick.  These are the incisions where they screwed in those HUGE screws in through the bottom of his foot.  I am not sure how I thought they got the screws in, but these bad boys surprised me.  When the doctor saw my shock, he said, 'We're not magic!"

the only shot I have of his cast :(  He ended up getting a signature from a REAL player too :)  It glows in the dark ;)

Now this x-ray is 6 weeks post surgery.  You can clearly see how  much more dense the bone is in this x-ray.   
Here it is close up

6 weeks after surgery and the stitches finally come out!!! :D

After a washing :)  Sorry it's blurry :(

This is today :)  It looks SO good!  Even the incisions in the bottom of his heal are nearly all healed :)

Friday Finishes :)

I am sort of sad that I haven't finished a quilt ALL THE WAY this week, but I did get a TON of other things done!  I bought some new shelving and such at Ikea for my sewing area and installed it all MYSELF!

I finished the top for the Cherry Cherry Picnic quilt :)

And lastly I have made 3 of the 6 Easter bags for my kids :)

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chiseling away....

It was another busy day as usual... dr appt, helping with food for a funeral, 504 meeting for my son with the principal, laundry, dinner and the 4th ward quilt class.
But first I have to tell you the AWESOmE news.....
....I WON a prize from the Festival of Scrappiness :)   Here is what I won
I was SO shocked to see the email from the ladies that I nearly passed out!  THANK YOU Rachel (Stitched in Color) and Alice (Fresh Modern Fabric)!!!!  I can't wait to make something AWESOME!!!

Now for the regular boring stuff ;D
My 14 year old stayed home from school sick today so I had to banish her to her room so I could work on the bags.  I finished two more.  The last of the striped ones is about 30 minutes away from a finish.  I can't quite bring myself to get it done...well that is not true!  I can't find myself alone long enough to do it.  But here is the progress pictures.

This  messenger bag is for my 20 year old daughter.

I decided to add a tag to the back for hanging the bag

Anna's has an extra pocket aside from the long divided one along the bottom.

Here is a shot from of the back.

Here are two of them all cozy together :)  I had to rip one of the seams on the first one I made to add the tab.
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Once the kids were home from school, I started sewing the pieces for the Stars of the Barnyard $29 quilt.
This is the pile of stuff :)

Here are the flying geese "pre- trimmed"

A few flying geese

A pretty stack of all of the centers of the blocks.

This is a quick shot of all of the block centers.
I tried to finish up the the flying geese tonight, but I am TOO tired!  I am off to bed!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Secret Surprises...

I had this whole post written and then it FROZE and died :P  I am pretty grouchy about it :(  Any hoots, with the kids at school, I got one bag sewn and 3 more cut out :)  They came home early today... early out Wednesday... so I had to stop short, but I should be able to get them done tomorrow.  I took the measurements for this one from Sweet Floweret's tutorial.  I didn't use her directions or her methods, but her  sizing is good.  The strap is just barely long enough for my six year old.  I have adjusted the sizing for the rest of my kiddos.

The blue stripe is a pocket that runs the length is the bottom.  It is divided into three sections.

Once the kids invaded my sewing room, I had to get busy with something else to throw them off the Easter bag scent.  I decided to buck up and put the applique on the Cherry Cherry Picnic $29 quilt.  I really hate applique.  It is too artistic and detailed.  I have no patience :(  My zigzag isn't perfect :(  I also drew on the lines for the wavy border.

You can barely see the curved marking on the border.
Once I had this done.. and dinner cooked... I cut into the Stars of the Barnyard $29 quilt.   It is going to be SO cute!!!  There was a floral and peach plaid that I swapped out for more boy prints.  You can see pic's of  the example quilt HERE .

So tomorrow, I plan on attacking the bags again during school hours.  Oh, I will go to the doc too.  I have got to get my body working again so I can start running again.  I will sew the Star's of the Barnyard quilt when the kids are around.  I need to get the backing for the Cherry Cherry Picnic quilt... Hmmmm.  I'd really like to quilt that tomorrow, but it probably have to wait until Saturday.