Friday, March 16, 2012

Dresden Plate Table Topper

I've got to run, I'll be back to post the details later... 
 Details...  I was stitting around last night avoiding grocery shopping when the thought struck me, "I want to make a Dresden Plate!"  so I did ;)  I have the template and a stash of fabric, it makes sense ;D
 Once I had one made, I had to make another and another :)  I made one with the 5" measurement and two with the 4" measurement.  And guess what?  They look REALLY cute all together :)
 so of course, I have to make them into another table runner :)  Here is the cute quilt sandwich :)
 I did an all over stipple quilting like I saw on an example on Oh, Frannson.  I am IN LOVE with this runner!!  And, YES, it is made with the heat resistant batting!
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  1. Beautiful,Im going to try and make one,thanks for the inspiration.Love Jill xx

  2. Aaaack! You're making me crazy jealous! : )

    Questions... What are the dimensions of your table runners? The patchwork ones specifically. - Did you turn under the edges of your dresden plates or did you just applique them straight on? Did you zig zag or do whatever-the-other-kind-of-stitching-is-called?

    BTW, although I'm sure I'd love the quilt guild, I thought about it through the night and I just better not. One more thing, you know... Thanks for inviting me though! I hope you have a blast.

  3. Thanks Jill- It was SUPER fun to make :)
    Myra- I used the quilt in a day ruler for the dresden quilt. If you go here... you can see how I did it. I did put a circle of wonder under on the plate and then pressed it in place before I zig zaged around the edge. I also used zap zap circle maker to make the centers. It's a pre-drawn fusable interfacing to make circles quickly. I'll add my instructions later.. when I've got time. I am off to show and then to the evil GROCERy SToRE!!! :p

  4. Oh, Marion, it makes two of us because I'm in love with it too! Isn't it fun to make Dresden Plates? I just LOVE it! I've done my loathed grocery shopping this Morning. Hallelujah :)

  5. O...OOO.OH!!! Marion, I LUV-LUV your dresden plates! they are soo pretty! Did I miss reading what method you used to make the pieces?



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