Quilts Made To Order

Quilting is one of my favorite things to do, so why not share the joy and make one for YOU?? :)  You can see my finished quilts HERE.

Please email me for an estimate.  meltingmarion@gmail.com

All of my quilts are made from high quality quilting fabric.  I machine piece my quilts and then machine quilt them.  My quilts are all hand bound, unless machine binding is requested.

Charges for a completed quilt are based on the complexity of the pattern.  The prices starts at 4 cents per square inch and go up from there.


  1. Hi Marion, it's amazing to read about your quilting accomplishments in just one year! Do you use a long-arm or a sewing machine for your quilting? I am in Montreal and considering quilting my own quilts, since I'm too far away from any DIY quilting studios.

  2. Thank you Marion for doing such a fantastic job quilting my quilt top! It is over-the-top and I can't stop admiring it.


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