2012 Finished Quilts

#56 Chrisann's Quilt 12/27/12

#54 Karen's Quilt 12/15/12

#53 Emily's Fine Print 11/15/12

#51 Andy's Quilt 12/4/12

#50 Eric's Quilt 12/3/12

#48 Emileigh's Quilt 11/30/12

#47 Will's Shore Thing 11/22/12

#46 Katie-Bug Quilt 11/22/12

#45 McKayla's Marmalade 11/21/12
39" x 39"

#44  Hot Stuff 10/22/12

#43 Rainbow Fishes 10/25/12
62"x 62"

#42 Aly's Bedroom Quilt 10/7/12
120" x 97"

#40 Sand Dollars 10/2/12
Quilted by Konda

#39 Konda's Mini Rainbow Quilt #4  9/28/12
Quilted by Konda

#38 Konda's Mini Blues Quilt #3 9/28/12
Quilted by Konda

Quilted by Konda

Quilted by Konda

#35 Flimsy #2   9/4/12
(off to be quilted by Emily)

#33 Flimsy #1 8/30/12
(off to be quilted by Emily)

#32 Girly Gamer Quilt  8/22/12

~94" x 72"

#30 Granny Square Quilt 7/20/12

#29 Anne's Quilt 7/17/12


#27 Mac's Moose Quilt 7/7/12


72" x 58"



#22 Rachel's Quilt 5/31/12 

#21 Heidi's Quilt 5/31/12

#20 President Willardson's Quilt 5/26/12 ***

#19 Retro Flower Quilt 5/18/12

#18 Dave's Surf Shop 5/12/12

# 17 Will's Planet Quilt  5/8/12  
#16 Corrine's Chevron Quilt 5/3/12

#13 Baby Barnyard 4/4/12
#11 Reagan's Quilt 3/22/12

#12 Stars of the Barnyard 4/4/12

#10 the Black & White Zigzag Quilt 3/17/2012
#9 Ford's Quilt 3/9/2012

 #8 Pink & Grey Angel Quilt  3/4/2012
#7 Vintage Eva 2/29/2012

#6 Kate's Over The Rainbow Quilt 2/22/2012

#5 January $29 Quilt  2/1/2012 

#4 Pinky Yellow Baby Quilt 2/5/12

#3 MY Valentine's Day Quilt 2/1/2012


  1. You sound like me when it comes to quilting. Jumping in headfirst and that's all you want to do. I was luck I got the laundry done, forget about cleaning the house! My husband dared to expect me to cook and I even sent him to the grocery store! Your quilts are lovely and you work incredibly fast. I hope your husband is doing well. I would love to meet you sometime with Annie. We could share patterns and have a nice healthy lunch. Take care and keep inspiring., Ann xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! I'm so glad to meet someone who is like me... head first and all the way! :) I would love to meet up with you and Annie. Going out to lunch with friends is the best :)

  2. Just found your blog from Annies Ruby Slipperz..I am a quilter too, just getting back into quilting after being away from it for about 20 years. Your guest post was great!! You are so right, the more you do the less time to eat!! I find that when I'm on a roll with my weight, everything my life seems to fall in place. Good luck to you!! AND your quilts are lovely!! Oh, and I'm your newest follower.

    Best chris

    1. Thanks, Chris! Welcome :) Isn't quilting the best!!! :)

  3. For someone who only just took up quilting - you are churning them out fast! There are some lovely quilts in this list and I like the obviously 'for a family member' choices.


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