Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage Eva is finished and in the washer :)

Binding with bobby pins, as usual :)

This is a picture of my dented, calloused right middle finger. It is from blind stitching the bindings of my 6 finished quilts. Anna's should be back from the quilters any day :) I have two tops finished and will get them quilted over the next few weeks. Maybe one tomorrow if I can do it. I am thinking tomorrow is a good day to make a cover/cozy for my sewing machine.

Here it is all done and hanging on the fence. I really love it! I'll take more pictures after it gets out of the dryer. I had another close up of it, but it seems to be missing...
Here is the missing close up :)  If you look closely, you can see my name :)


  1. Absolutely love the colors and style, great job! But I don't get it, why are you binding it using booby pins? Go to the dollar store and get a million cheapo hair clippies so much easier on you.

  2. lol! I was going to go get the hair clips when I found myself picking up another stray bobby pin out of the carpet, so I decided to try them. I actually LOVE the bobby pins :) I have 3 teenage daughters and the curved bobby pins they use are EVERYWHERE and work really well. I figure this is probably how the hair clips began being used for binding clips ;D

  3. I love your quilt and it's such a great idea to quilt your name in it on the bottom! Have you thought about wearing a thimble on your finger? It helps me a lot! And I use plastic coated paper clips for the binding and it works great!

  4. Hi Kati! I went to a quilting class and the old timer quilters told me that I MUST sign my quilts. I figured that adding it in the FMQ was a cool idea. My tension was a bit funky, so that one turned out a bit off.
    I have a leather thimble, but every time I use it, I just start using another finger ;D My husband thinks I'm nuts, but I figure a little dented callous might be a good think to have :D
    Paper clips... I love it! I probably have a few of those hiding in the family room carpet too :)

    1. Hi Marion, leather thimbles don't work for me. Try the cheapest peach color plastic one, that doesn't slide off your finger. I really wish you could use something because I know how sore fingers could get when you're sewing a lot.

  5. Thanks for the tip. I'll hit JoAnn's tomorrow and hopefully find the orange guys you are referring to or something like unto it. The binding finger doesn't bother me, but my left index finder is chewed raw from the basting pins :( The finger seems to heal just in time for me to be ready to baste another ;D


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