Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making some serious headway ;D

The WONDERFUL Edible Arrangement that my sweet sister,
Aly, sent my hubby to wish him a speedy recovery :D
 I was able to get a TON done today on the $29 quilt.  I finished all of the petals, the center block and all of the quarter square triangles w/ dots affixed and the bordered yellow square blocks.  I laid it all out and sewed the middle strip.  Tomorrow I can sew it all the way up :)  I should hopefully have it all quilted by saturday.   I sure like making quilts.  I wonder if anyone would let me make quilts for them?

The quarter square triangle with dot applique.

16.5" applique center block.

Laying it all out!

The center square sewn :)

All of the rows just waiting for me to come and sew them!

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