Thursday, February 23, 2012

...and a few more....

Apparently Picasa does not like to upload very many pic's at a time to blogger, so I guess I'll have to post THREE times to cover the shopping spree :D  The final post of the fabric haul from the Fat Quarter Shop.  BEST DAY EVER!!!

Is is bad to have piles of fabric be the main decoration in your living room?


  1. I'm lovin' your blog Marion! I check it every now and then and I am AMAZED at how much awesome sewing you're doing!!! You're my hero! Your quilts are beautiful and they make me happy just to look at them! I'm guessing that David is thinking something like, "This is one expensive diet!" ;) BTW I hope his foot is doing well!

    Go crazy! You're awesome!

  2. I'm so glad you commented! David is doing GREAT! He is recovering SO much better than last time :) We are so pleased! Yes, this is an expensive diet ;), but it's sew nice to do something that is neat and pretty and stays that way ;D It was so great to see you! I love Tanners blog. I think it could maybe use an update.... ;D

    1. Haha... ya, I started that blog long ago, but when I told him what I did he said he didn't want me to do a blog for him. He just wanted me to email his letters to his friends directly. So, I obeyed! BTW, he comes home in 3 1/2 months! Just sayin.

      I'm glad David is doing so well!


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