Monday, February 27, 2012

A new quilt

This fabric was in the 12# grab bag from The Fat Quarter Shop. I love the peaches and greens. They are so happy with a bit of a vintage flare. It was my first attempt at fussy cutting. There was a panel that came in the 1# panel grab bag. It had pears, humming birds and dragon flies.
I have wanted to try this quilt pattern. It was trickier that I thought it would be. After sewing the first three rows together and having them not match up, I started to pin and that corrected the problem.
The squares are 4.5" and the sashing is 2.5".

I started cutting this one out Saturday morning. I had the rows sewn by Saturday afternoon. I finished sewing it all up today.

Here is the beginning of the quilt sandwich.

I really love how it looks all pinned up :)

I pin basted it while the we watched Horton Hears a Whoo for FHE.

I decided to start a bit of quilting tonight. I hope to get this all finished tomorrow and off it the mail. It will be my first quilt that I give away. Wish me luck!

I bought the back for this quilt at Gracie Lou's today along with the back for the Pink and Grey Angel quilt.


  1. turned out so cute but jumped in line :)

  2. TRUE! David commissioned it and you know, what DH says, goes ;)

  3. HEY!!! You're following me :) I'm up to 4 followers :)


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