Thursday, February 9, 2012

The top is sewn!

 I am right on schedule for this quilt.  I had hoped to be feeling like pinning for quilting, but I don't ;p  I'll do it tomorrow and still be ready to quilt Saturday, possibly Friday, so I can do the hand sewing of the binding on Sunday.  I really like doing the hand sewing on the binding.  It's really relaxing.  One of my favorite things about quilting is all of the various tasks that need to be done; cutting, ironing, sewing, designing, math ;), quilting, pinning...  Good times!!!

Corner closeup.  These are the true colors of the quilt.


  1. Oh I looove this quilt. Can you tell me where you found the pattern and what it's called? Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Happy Mommy! This quilt is designed by Becky Morganson of Stitches and Sew Forth in Payson Utah. I do not know if it is for sale or not. She puts together a $29 quilt top and pattern each month and this was the one for January. This is their website address It has their phone number on the website. The phone is the best way to contact them :) They are a great family and business :)


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