Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy :)

This is the quilt the 5th ward is doing next week....
I had a ton to do today, so I didn't get sewing very early :(  I did, however, stay up late last night sewing the rest of Ford's blocks up.  Kate and I hit a few quilts shops today and eventually found three grey prints for the cute quilt I am doing for the 5th wards quilting class next week.  It is supposed to look very different, but I have a habit of changing everything around to be another quilt all together.  I wonder if they will toss me out of the class for being rouge every month ;)  My first alteration came when I decided to use chenille for the hearts.  Because chenille is so thick, I was going to just applique them straight over the block.  Next I decided that I wanted it to be longer and a bit wider.  Once I had it all altered and sewed, well the main panel anyway, I decided that I'd rather have flowers and no hearts.  I'll add three more flowers tomorrow.  I am saving this quilt to work on when the kids are awake.

My fabric for the 5th ward quilt.  Note the cute grey's I bought today :)
My expanded version of the center panels.  It still needs the final grey and pink borders.
PS- the back of this quilt will be grey minky.
So, once the kiddo's went to sleep, I pulled out Ford's blocks to get them all trimmed.  He can't see his birthday surprise :)  They are going to be so cute!  Yes, I do say "cute" a lot.  I am having a serious love affair with fabric and quilting.  It is making a much better mistress than food ;D

The sewn blocks before trimming.
Post trimming.  Doesn't that look so nice and neat? ;)

Stacked neat
I love the look of trimmed piles of fabric!

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