Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another one finished :)

I used scraps that I had from other quilts to make this top.  The yellow minky on the back makes this one SUPER soft and cuddly ;D  I REALLY like this pattern.  Simple and sweet!  See the pattern below.
The Pinky Yellow Baby quilt is all finished :)
I am VERY happy with it.
Window box baby quilt:
Finished size 36"x36"
16- 4x4" blocks
32- 2.5" x 4" strips
32- 2.5" x 8.25" strips
finished block is 8x8.... trim to square up ;D
(Make sure that you have 2- 2.5x4 and 2- 2.5x8.25's of matching strips to make solid blocks)
2- 4"x 30" strips for border
2- 4"x 36" for border
(I cut the border strips the whole width of the fabric and then trim them after they are sewn and pressed)
4- 2.5" by width of the fabric for binding.
I trimmed the minky only a bit larger than the top then I pinned it to the carpet, making sure that it was taut.

David's chocolate chocolate cake.
I even made some Marionberry sauce to serve with it ;D

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