Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Here is what has been going on around here since Monday...

Aly's living room quilt is basted and ready to quilt!
Aly's bedroom quilt has all of it's borders sewn on!
Two CRAZY, mad quilts have been bound for Konda ;)
YES!  You are seeing correctly... there are a BAZILLION pinked edges :p  I told Konda NO on several occasions, but she still won out and I hand sewed the binding on these two quilts. I think she has magical mind powers... or this is probably just pay back for FORCING her to be in a skit at our church retreat a few weeks ago. (I need to see if I have a picture of her acting/skit debut.)  My left hand was actually numb when I finished the binding.  (Have you had enough whine with your blog reading yet?) ;D  So, please don't tell Konda, but aside from the numb hand, the binding wasn't too bad. :)

I was able to cut out and finish two quilt tops for Konda.

Super cute, and tops secret, just like the rest :)

Cut out a quilt top for Emily. (sorry, no pics)
Sewed the binding on a quilt for Emily.
Sorry for the blurry photo.  
The binding is the purple on the right.
I have a SERIOUS crush on this quilt!!!

I think this is all :)  Time for bed and sweet dreams.  I think we will sleep really well tonight with the varnish fumes lingering throughout the house.  My sweet hubby recoated our front door with varnish and has been sanding and painting our kitchen cupboards too.  ;D  I do need to give full credit for the cupboard painting to April.  She teased and mocked him into FINALLY getting our cupboards painted :)  THANK YOU!!! xoxo

Friday, September 28, 2012

Springtime in the Rockies WINNER :)

It's time to pick a winner for the Springtime in the Rockies Book tour! 
She said: "I love that pink and green quilt with the vines - it's just a happy quilt! And such fun."

Barb's book will be in the mail to her asap from Kansas City Star.
Thanks for playing along!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yummy Layer Cake

If you are looking for the Springtime in the Rockies GIVEAWAY click HERE :)

Sweet Konda surprised me with a layer cake of Collections For a Cause "Faith" Salute Americas's Heroes by Moda.  She said the fabric "needed" to be mine :)  I have to say that I must agree :)  It is SO beautiful and I can't wait to make this up into a BEAUTIFUL quilt for my living room!!!

Does anyone have a good layer cake pattern that would go well with civil war prints?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Done and Done :)

If you are looking for the Springtime in the Rockies GIVEAWAY click HERE :)

Some days the planets align and the list gets conquered :)

My sisters  tops are finished :)

First off I finished Aly's living room quilt :)

Then I sewed up Aly's quilt for her bedroom.

So far this baby measures 101" x 91".

I need to get it up to 119"x 96" with white borders.

These are the Euro Shams for her bed, or they will be ;)

Three different colors.

The green is my favorite :)
They will be quilted and bordered in white.

Tomorrow is the Payson Quilt Guild meeting at the Peteeneet.  I plan on sewing up the quilt top for Emily.  My plans are to baste Aly's quilts and take them to a quilt retreat this weekend.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Know What I Am Going To-Do Today...

If you are looking for the Springtime in the Rockies GIVEAWAY click HERE :)

In the interest of time [and sleep], I am just going to get right to it :) ...I am ready for bed ;D

#1 Aly's Living Room Quilt Blocks All finished and the rows are sewn.

#2 Sew Aly's Bedroom Quilt top  Nope, nada, zilch! :P

***Bonus Finishes***  I bound 9 quilts for Konda :)

These are all for her new book coming out at market this fall.  They are SO cute and I really love binding quilts :) much so, that I have decided to offer a hand binding service.  See my new tab above for details :)

This Week's List
#1 Finish Aly's Bedroom Quilt 
#2 Finish Aly's Living Room Quilt
#3 Quilt top for Emily

Back Burner Purgatory... lol!!! ;)
Weekender Bag
Chrisann's quilt (the AWESOME kindergarten teacher)
Will's birthday quilt (due December)
Mario Bros. QAL
Mandy's quilt
2 Twin Size applique quilts for my nieces
The April $29 girl quilt 
the May $29 quilt
the June $29 quilt
My bed quilt
Challenge quilt for next year's quilt show
"Letters to my Daughter" block of the month
July $29 Quilt
Modern Quilt Group HST triangle
Civil War Layer Cake quilt

So, what are you up to this week?  PLEASE share with me :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Springtime in the Rockies Book Tour & GIVEAWAY

****The Drawing for the book is CLOSED :)  Thanks for playing along!
She said: "I love that pink and green quilt with the vines - it's just a happy quilt! And such fun."

Buy it HERE!!! :)

Welcome, Welcome WELCOME!!! :)  I am so happy to be a part of the Springtime in the Rockies Book Tour!!!

So, a few months back, Konda brought Springtime In the Rockies to our local quilt guild meeting to share with us.  I was SO excited to be one of the first people to see this BEAUTIFUL new quilt pattern book.  I am such a GEEK that I made Konda, April and Amy sign my copy right then and there. ...yeah, SUPER dork alert!!!  ...I still need to stalk a few of the other quilt designers down for their John Hancock ;D

Any hoots, it is such a GREAT collection of talented quilt designers born and bread right here in my very own back yard.

The quilts are SO beautiful.  
If you don't believe me, take a gander...

This book has something for every type of quilter.  There is applique, mini quilts, stack n' whack and traditional piecing.  I can't wait to make these fantastic quilts :)

Now that I have you all excited, would you like one of these books for your own little self?  Well, I have a copy of Springtime In the Rockies for one lucky reader.  

All you need to do to qualify to win is:
#1 Leave a comment (entry #1)
#2 Be a follower of my blog (leave another comment saying that you are, entry #2)

That's right, TWO chances to win :)  PARTY!!!
I will pick a winner LATE on the 27th :)

Don't forget to visit the rest of the blogs on the tour!  Here are all of the fun stops along the way :)  Be sure to stop by and check out all of the excitement!

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Sept 27 - Konda Luckau 
                        Jenifer Dick

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Sewing.... maybe a little sick???

I am super tired, still.  I am freezing :\  It is the perfect day for hand sewing & movies/tv episodes :)  I finally finished all of the Bones episodes Wednesday night and have now started Once Upon A Time.

Here are the corners of the four quilts I bound for Konda Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  They are top secret and will be revealed at Market at the end of October.

Wednesday morning I had a field trip to Provo with my good buddy Annette.  We stopped at two quilting stores on our way home.  I FINALLY found the little fairy scissors I have been looking all over for.  I splurged and bought them for myself :)  AREN'T THEY FABULOUS!?!?

AND!!!  Last week my sweet friend April made me a present :)

I have a thing about graph paper when planning quilts.  I call them my "maps."  Most quilters that I know make fun of my "maps," even April, UNTIL I convinced her of their magical quilting powers.  So, in honor of my crazy mapping skills, April made me this AWESOME notebook :)  She found one with graph paper inside.

Here is the fantastic back!

This is SO funny because at the first quilt retreat I ever when to, I kept saying "I don't get it!" at every other line of the pattern I was ineptly trying to read :)

Welcome Home!

My hubbies parents have been serving as missionaries for our church in Germany for the past year and a half.   I made them THIS quilt earlier this year at my hubbies request.  They got home on Tuesday :)  They live in California so we weren't able to welcome them home in person :(  Eva and Mac have nine children and only 3 were able to pick them up at the airport.  My sil's bought 6 balloons and colored them to represent the missing kids :D
They will be out in a few weeks to visit us.  I cant wait!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

I suppose that I should be all recovered from last weekends festivities, but I am still POOPED out :)  I did get a ton of work finished today, including a load of laundry despite my lethargy.  I TOTALLY broke one of my own rules and didn't get dressed until I had to take my son to the orthodontist at 3:50 pm.  OH WELL :p

Piles just staring at me.  SEW ME!!!

Nope, I am on a Granny Square bender today!

Four sets of 8 Granny Squares using I'mAGingerMonkey's tutorial.

Trimming up the squares.

Laying out the squares.

They are all labeled and in piles ready to be sewn up with the sashing.

I have been doing sewing for so many others that I had to pull out my Flea Market Fancy just to gaze at it lovingly.  My daughter was looking on, thinking I am TOTALLY insane ;D

I can't wait to decided what to do with this and cut it all to pieces!!!

Maybe this should be used for my bed???

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Know What I'm Going To-Do Today...

Holy Smokes!  I am totally pooped out!  This is not an exaggeration, even a little bit ;D  Last week was MADNESS!!!

Monday- I don't remember :p ...probably prepping for the weekend... (see Fri & Sat)
Tuesday- Super fun Sew Day at Emily Herrick's place with April :)  SUPER FUN! (more prepping for the weekend)
Wednesday-  Taught a class on strip piecing Granny Squares over at the Thimbleweeds Quilt Guild in Spanish Fork.  Super sweet ladies :)  (more prepping for the weekend)
Thursday- Went to Karen Olsen's Sew Day in Spanish Fork.  I forgot my presser foot, so I chopped blocks.  (more prepping for the weekend)
Now, are you ready to hear about Friday and Saturday?  I am not sure that you are...
Friday and Saturday I was in charge of a retreat for the women in my church (an LDS Stake).  We went up to our local LDS Girls Camp, KoHoLoWo and partied for two days.  My counselors, secretary (LDS lingo for my three right hand women) and I headed up early Friday to set up for the weekend festivities.  I was SO worried that it would be cold, but the weather was PERFECT!  Around noon the ladies started trickling in. We kept setting up more and more tables for the ladies to sew, crochet, cross stitch, bead and chat.  Konda came up as our fearless Stake Quilting QUEEN ;D  (she is still mad at me about the skit I MADE her be in...I'm still giggling about it)  By about 5pm we had nearly 150 women whooping it up and ready for dinner :)  Dinner was amazing, by the way.  We asked two TREMENDOUSLY talented ladies to head up the food and other activities.  They truly ROCKED THE WORLD!!!  Any hoots, Friday night we had a speaker and HILARIOUS skits, games and other silliness.  About 75 ladies spent the night.  Saturday was filled with hiking, sewing, EATING, and cleaning up.  I came home Saturday afternoon SO tired I could hardly move.  It was just plain perfect!

So, let's see what I actually was able to accomplish amongst all of the craziness that was my past week ;D

Last Weeks List in Review!
#1 Aly's living room quilt blocks ...sort of.  I made some progress, but not as much as I'd hoped :(
Cute pile, eh?

#2 Aly's bedroom quilt blocks  Done!  All 126 of them :)  They are 10.5"

#3 Letter's to My Daughter Blocks 1 & 2  ..sort of ;)  I finished #1 and half of #2  ;)
I didn't take a picture of the half, but I did get blocks 2 & 3 all cut out and most of #2 sewn :D
Konda had the completed top with her to show us and it is going to be FANTASTIC!!!

***Bonus Finishes.. I bound two quilts for Emily.***

I have to say that I LOVE BINDING quilts.  I am thinking of offering a hand binding service.  Any thoughts?  Any quilts you would like to hire me to bind?

#1 Aly's Living Room Quilt Blocks
#2 Sew Aly's Bedroom Quilt top

No forgetting that I HAVE TO MAKE MY BED QUILT ASAP!   My current bed cover is fraying and sad.  The quilter MUST make one for herself and SOON :D

Back Burner Purgatory... lol!!! ;)
Chrisann's quilt (the AWESOME kindergarten teacher)
Will's birthday quilt (due December)
Mario Bros. QAL
Mandy's quilt
2 Twin Size applique quilts for my nieces
The April $29 girl quilt 
the May $29 quilt
the June $29 quilt
My bed quilt
Challenge quilt for next year's quilt show
"Letters to my Daughter" block of the month
July $29 Quilt

So, what are you up to this week?  PLEASE share with me :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Progress Report

Man, oh man, am I up to my eyeballs in busy ;) Here is REALLY quick photo progress report from the past few days :)

Cutting out, sewing and teaching a class on Granny Squares.  This quilt is for my sister Aly.
I did most all of this work last week.

The plan is to get these blocks all made this weekend and maybe sewn together???

Sewing, pressing and chopping another quilt for Aly.
Open up three of these, arrange the strips and sew them together into this...
(I sewed these all together at a sew day at Emily's Tuesday)

A beautiful pile of strip sets waiting to be ironed and cut into this...

This weekend I hope to make them into a king sized quilt top :)

Binding two quilt for Emily.

Check out her AWESOME fmq. 

I LOVE ticking stripes!

Just a teeny-tiny peak.

Also got these fun fabrics to play with :)
They will be another Fine Print flimsy for Emily

I am off to a sew day today, and tomorrow I am off to a two day retreat with my fellow church ladies.  Three days of sewing all in a row!  I shall be back to blog in a few days :)
Wish me luck!! :)