Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Done and Done :)

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Some days the planets align and the list gets conquered :)

My sisters  tops are finished :)

First off I finished Aly's living room quilt :)

Then I sewed up Aly's quilt for her bedroom.

So far this baby measures 101" x 91".

I need to get it up to 119"x 96" with white borders.

These are the Euro Shams for her bed, or they will be ;)

Three different colors.

The green is my favorite :)
They will be quilted and bordered in white.

Tomorrow is the Payson Quilt Guild meeting at the Peteeneet.  I plan on sewing up the quilt top for Emily.  My plans are to baste Aly's quilts and take them to a quilt retreat this weekend.


  1. Aly's living room quilt is gorgeous! I love how the outer fabric in each granny square is the same - I think it gives it a great look. Nice!

  2. You amaze me - how do you get them done so fast? Are you planning to fmq that monster size quilt or have it long armed? I fight with small quilts when I fmq - I don't have the courage to tackle a huge one like that.

    1. The blocks were all finished so they came together really quickly :) As for the fmq, I just worked a deal to have my friend long arm it for me :) I was going to do it, but it is too big of a beast :)

  3. I can't believe how quickly you get through projects! Truly amazing. Both of these are gorgeous!


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