Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Here is what has been going on around here since Monday...

Aly's living room quilt is basted and ready to quilt!
Aly's bedroom quilt has all of it's borders sewn on!
Two CRAZY, mad quilts have been bound for Konda ;)
YES!  You are seeing correctly... there are a BAZILLION pinked edges :p  I told Konda NO on several occasions, but she still won out and I hand sewed the binding on these two quilts. I think she has magical mind powers... or this is probably just pay back for FORCING her to be in a skit at our church retreat a few weeks ago. (I need to see if I have a picture of her acting/skit debut.)  My left hand was actually numb when I finished the binding.  (Have you had enough whine with your blog reading yet?) ;D  So, please don't tell Konda, but aside from the numb hand, the binding wasn't too bad. :)

I was able to cut out and finish two quilt tops for Konda.

Super cute, and tops secret, just like the rest :)

Cut out a quilt top for Emily. (sorry, no pics)
Sewed the binding on a quilt for Emily.
Sorry for the blurry photo.  
The binding is the purple on the right.
I have a SERIOUS crush on this quilt!!!

I think this is all :)  Time for bed and sweet dreams.  I think we will sleep really well tonight with the varnish fumes lingering throughout the house.  My sweet hubby recoated our front door with varnish and has been sanding and painting our kitchen cupboards too.  ;D  I do need to give full credit for the cupboard painting to April.  She teased and mocked him into FINALLY getting our cupboards painted :)  THANK YOU!!! xoxo


  1. Hi! You are a speed quilter, wow! Everytime I check your blog, you've made another thing and I like the colours and fabrics you choose. I'm working without a sewing machine and sometimes I envy the quantities of work you can deliver. Keep going on, I love visiting your blog,

    Sjoukje from a smalltown in The Netherlands

    1. Hi... from a small town in the US :) I just popped over to your blog and your work is over the top amazing! Thanks for stopping is a bit crazy over here at my blog, but I'm having fun :)


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