Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Sewing.... maybe a little sick???

I am super tired, still.  I am freezing :\  It is the perfect day for hand sewing & movies/tv episodes :)  I finally finished all of the Bones episodes Wednesday night and have now started Once Upon A Time.

Here are the corners of the four quilts I bound for Konda Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  They are top secret and will be revealed at Market at the end of October.

Wednesday morning I had a field trip to Provo with my good buddy Annette.  We stopped at two quilting stores on our way home.  I FINALLY found the little fairy scissors I have been looking all over for.  I splurged and bought them for myself :)  AREN'T THEY FABULOUS!?!?

AND!!!  Last week my sweet friend April made me a present :)

I have a thing about graph paper when planning quilts.  I call them my "maps."  Most quilters that I know make fun of my "maps," even April, UNTIL I convinced her of their magical quilting powers.  So, in honor of my crazy mapping skills, April made me this AWESOME notebook :)  She found one with graph paper inside.

Here is the fantastic back!

This is SO funny because at the first quilt retreat I ever when to, I kept saying "I don't get it!" at every other line of the pattern I was ineptly trying to read :)

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