Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Rest of the Round Robin Quilts

Here are the last three completed quilt tops that were not at our groups big reveal. 



And Ambers's :-)

You will be able to see them all live and in person at the 2015 HMQS in Salt Lake City Mother's Day weekend :-)

April Showers Baby Blanket

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that your sister in law is having a baby tomorrow and you are a quilter and haven't made her baby a quilt yet?

This is my very story!  My truth.  My life! ...yesterday afternoon :/

Luckily I am a manic quilter with a healthy stash of sa-weet fabric!  ...including this super awesome charm pack of April Showers that I bought for TWO DOLLARS from Southern Fabric a while back :-)

I needed something simple and sweet (and quick).   I simply cut strips of white fabric 1.5" wide. I sewed the white strips to two adjacent sides of each charm square.  (I strip pieced all of the blocks)

...and then laid them out like so...

...and sewed them up :-). You will need to add a strip of white to the two sides that are missing white ;-)

I prefer this method to others as this method makes it really easy to match and nest your seams for perfect intersections :-)

For this baby quilt I used one charm pack and less than 3/4 yard of white. 

The backing is an old piece of a Michael Miller print I have had for years!

I used the same fabric for the backing and the binding. 

For the free motion quilting, I did a swirl pattern. 

The finished size is 34.5" x 40". The perfect baby size quilt :-)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Liesel's Heart

Hello quilting friends!!! Long time no chat! :-). With electronic changes around here, I just haven't gotten used to the new way I have to blog (plus Instagram is just so darn easy for lazy me ;-))

Any hoots, I promised a pattern for this super CUTE quilt I made for my nieces baptism last week.  Here is the basic 411 on this super quick and easy quilt!

Liesel's favorite colors are red and pink. I went through my stash looking for all of the reds and pinks that I could find. My mom sent over a few cuts of fabric for variety and sentiment. This quilt was made out of 100% stashed fabric ;-). Yeah me!

I have seen lots of pixelated hearts on line, but really thought some half square triangles would be AWESOME! 

For this quilt I used 6.5" squares and 4.25" squares. You will need:
31- 6.5" red print squares
26- 6.5" pink print squares
5- 6.5" squares of various pink solids
116- 4.25" squares of various pink solid fabrics. 

For the half square triangle construction, use the method found HERE on my blog.   Basically, you will make 26 pairs, one pink print 6.5" block with one red print 6.5" block. There will be five red print blocks left over that you will pair with the 5- 6.5" varied pink solids.   Pair them all together, right sides together.   Using a quarter inch seam allowance, sew around all four sides of each pair. Follow the directions found in the link above (and HERE for added measure ;))

Once you have pressed all of your HST's, its time to lay them out.  Follow the pictures above and below. For the ten red and pink print HST's on the sides and the four on the top of the heart, I made sure the the red print was touching the pink background fabric.  The trick with the heart layout is to no obsess about it!  Pretend that you are a carefree (non-OCD) quilter and that random is a happy place we like to be :)  

The quilt is 14 blocks across and 17 down.  I sewed the blocks into rows and then I sewed the rows together to complete the top.   The finished quilt top size is 52.5"x 63.75"

No that your top is finished, quilt, bind and enjoy!! :)

As a super fun side note, my friend Barbie showed me how to wrap my binding so that it unwinds itself perfectly to sew onto the quilt.

Make this figure 8 on your hands and then put it on the floor to your right. (put the side you can see in the picture down on the floor.  The loose that you start sewing onto the quilt will be right there)

Here is sweet Liesel lazing about on the floor with her quilt and pillow pets :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Gifts For Friends

Tomorrow is our monthly Epic Sew Day and it happens to be a few of my qbff's birthdays too!

I had to make some special gifts for them. :-)

A secret book of maps is always useful to a quilter!

They are so fun and easy to make :-)

And of course the best present for a quilter is a Sew Together Bag ;-)

Such fun fabric!

I love Rustique by Emily Herrick!

...and I love Emily too ;-)

Happy birthday dear friends!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Round Robin Medallion Update

I am so excited about this quilt! 

 I absolutely love it!!!

To help me with quilting design inspiration, I hung the top in my front room window so I could stare at it for a few days :-)

It was so much fun to look at it :-)

For the backing I HAD to buy this Matroyska doll fabric. It's perfect!

I also decided to embroider the names of all of the Round Robin ladies in the centers of the friendship stars that Ella added. 

My embroidery is not very good :(

But nobody is perfect :-)

I chose to use white because [my embroidery skills are so lacking and because] I like the subtly. 

Each lady in the group is special to me. 

I will always cherish this experience and all that I learned from it!

Can you read the names?

Don't feel bad if you can't. 

I have a hard time too!


I am so sad that Maggie is far away and couldn't be here for the reveal. :(

So now for the exciting part!  I layed the quilt on the floor, getting ready to baste when I decided that the slight ripple in the top could be ironed out. 

I pressed with best press for an hour and when I laid it back on the floor it had a GIANT pucker!  I mean HUGE!!!!

Due to this problem, I had to do some [major] surgery on the quilt.  After a border removal and a giant tuck all of the way around the center, it behaved and laid down flat and square!  I reattached the border that I had removed and basted the quilt :-)

Now those pesky quilting ancestors insist that I hand quilt this quilt!

I told them to shove it!

The quilting ancestors are still harassing me so I am going to add hand quilting too after a bit of fmq. 

I can't wait to finish this next week :-). The hubbs and I are I are off to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway :-). I am so excited!!!