Sunday, December 2, 2012

Denim Quilts for Christmas

Yep, the three denim quilts are nearly completed.  Emileigh's is finished all of the way and Andy and Eric's just need the binding hand sewn on :)  I should have these off in the mail Tuesday :)

Here is Emileigh's quilt.  WARNING, there is NO pink in this fabric... any pink you see is because my camera and photo shop skills seriously lack! ;)

After consulting with my quilting guru friends, I decided to only quilt on the red and black plaid.

I did a swirly fmq patter for hers.

MaryAnne (the mom) embroidered a personalized block for each quilt.

The quilting looks really cool on the back, but I couldn't capture it in the pictures :(

As a bonus, I added a monogram to the back of each quilt.

For Emileigh's binding I chose a small white daisy on black by Riley Blake.

All folded and ready to ship :)

Here is Eric's "E"

I have about a 1/3 of Eric's binding sewn on.

This is Andy's "A"

I'll get their binding finished on Monday.

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  1. These are so cute and creative! I'm sure they will be very loved too.


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