Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Will's Shore Thing Duffle

One more Christmas present is checked off my list :)  YIPPEE!!!!

My son asked for a duffle bag for Christmas. [The duffle is so big, he almost fits inside.]  He says he needs it for his sleepovers at his cousins house. [These two cousins would live together if they could.]  His birthday quilt matches it perfectly. [Check it out HERE.]

I used the same pattern for THIS duffle bag I made in November.

This is a cute fussy cut side pocket nestled in between the crabby straps.

The other side with another fun pocket.

Lots of lobsters protecting the main zipper ;D

Crabby zippered end pocket.

Boats floating on an ocean zippered pocket on the other end.

Here is the top shot ;D

I did a pixelated fmq pattern.

I really LOVE the lobsters!

I added two zippered pocket on the inside of the duffle.
One on each end.

I figured there can never be too many pockets.

The duffle is lined with black duck.
Nice and sturdy ;)

The fabric is an ensemble of Emily Herrick's Shore Thing and Going Coastal fabric lines by Michael Miller.

I am going to be pretty grouchy when this AWESOME duffle goes on it's first scout camping trip in a few years.  I am not sure that even a WHOLE can of Scotch Guard will help protect it from what the scouts will do to it :(


  1. Its darling! I have most of those fabrics collected to make a cran themed quilt. I love crabs, they are kind of my signature! Great overnite bag!

  2. Really good job, and just the thing for a boy. I am sure that he will just love it.

  3. What a super-duper FUN bag! I'm thinking the bag should go M.I.A. a day or two before any scouting trip. (trade out with an old army duffle bag). It's just too cute to be victimized by all the mishaps that can happen on a scout camp out. =P


  4. I too bought this pattern but haven't tried it out yet. You've done a great job with it.

  5. Awesome bag - your always turn out so cool! I'm sure he will love it.


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