Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wristlets for the AMAZING Teachers

The big question each year is...

"What do you give our children's AWESOME teachers for Christmas?"

They deserve a trip to the Bahamas...

...but on our families non-existent budget,

...the Bahamas are out,

...and handmade is in ;D

I ran into these DARLING wristlets while perusing the internet world :)

I used THIS tutorial over at Pink Penguin.
(She has such AMAZING stuff!)

I am happy with how they turned out :)

I needed to make a few adjustments.

The straps were WAY too long, so I chopped about 3 inches off of the prescribed length.

I also added a key clippy thing :)

I hope they like them :)

(I do)


Will be linking up with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts :)


  1. Great gift idea! I haven't ventured into the zipper world yet - I should give it a try! Yours all turned out great!

  2. That is a tricky thing to figure out as to what to get a teacher. My son just turned 5 so I am just starting on this venture! I think the wrists would be good to carry their lunch money maybe perhaps at school or whatever else little stuff while at work:)


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