Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My German Smoker Sewist

Sunday evening I opened my Christmas present from my in-laws.  They brought us all presents home from Germany, where they had been serving as missionaries for our church.

Check this out!

Isn't she AWESOME!?!

She is smoking, but you can't see it :( 

In case you don't know what a German Smoker is, they are wooden Christmas decorations that come apart and you burn incense cones in side of them.  Smoke comes out of their mouths.

We have a few of them, but none are as cool as this one!!

A tape measure too!

Scissors and a pin cushion :)

Bolts of fabric and cones of thread :)

Doesn't she look great with the rest of our smokers?

Here are our nutcrackers

These are our BIG nutcrackers ;D


  1. That is so awesome! Wow! What a fun gift! I love all your smokers and nutcrackers.

  2. I think it was a great present. I would love to have presents like those.

  3. So that means you are a smokin hot quilter! Awesome!


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