Monday, November 24, 2014

The Grand Babies Have Arrived!

This past week both of my daughters went into labor and had their darling babies. 

The first on the scene was Baby Olivia. 

She arrived weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz and 21" long. 

She is absolutely perfect and has stollen all of our hearts!!

She even has found her thumb :-)

She loves her mama :-)

A few days later came Baby Bennett

This little man weighed in at NINE lbs SIX oz! ...and 20.5"


We love his squishy rolls of chub!

Here is Olivia all decked out in her first TuTu!  Isn't she darling!

We love having these sweet angels in our family!!!

This is Olivia thinking about life ;-)

My sister in law is in town and is really enjoying loving on Big Ben :-)

We love this picture.  It really shows how different they are in size ;-)

I should return to quilting in a few weeks ;-). One of my daughters had an emergency c-section and the other had a few serious complications that make getting around a little rough :(.

 I'm happy that my girls live next door to each other and not very far from me so I can help them out and love on these sweet angels!!!

Blessings abound!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Bennett's Diaper Bag

Here is the diaper bag for baby Bennetts mom :-)

This was made with a conglomeration of a few collections by Joes Dewberry. 

It has a back zippered pocket for extra security. 

The inside is loaded with pockets for all kinds of baby stuff. 

I love the colors that my daughter chose. So fun and vibrant. 

My favorite is the changing pad tucked away in the flap pocket. 

Here is a shot of the bag all opened up :-)

I can't wait to fill up the bag and haul my sweet grand babies around ;-)

Baby Olivia's Diaper Bag

This is the very last sewing project for the sweet grand babies that will be here in a few short weeks :-)

I made each of my daughters a diaper bag out of an old pattern that my dear friend has. She made me one just like this for my 5th child. I LOVED it!

There is tons of room for everything a mamma needs :-)

I did add a zippered pocket for the mama stuff that needs to be a little more secure ;-)

Hidden in a large pocket on the inside of the flap is a changing pad for diaper emergencies anywhere ;-)

I can't wait to give this to my daughter on Saturday :-)

There is even an "M" on the front for fun :-)