Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finish It Up Thursday?

I was late for WIP Wednesday and early for Finish it up Friday.  I wonder  if I'll ever get it right? ;)
So the two quilts for my neighbors who moved are all finished :)  Hopefully these gingham cutie pies can bring them a little comfort and LOVE from us :D
The two quilties having a cup of tea on the porch ;D
Rachel's Primary Color Quilt
Heidi's Pastel Quilt
The two hanging out on the bridge together just like old times :)
A close up of Heidi's
A close up of Rachel's
Rachel's red bias binding
Red minky for Rachel.  It's her favorite color :)

Pink minky for Heidi.
I'm so happy I put the pink gingham in the corners :)
...and I REALLY love the pink gingham binding cut on the bias :)
A last close up of Heidi's Quilt.
I wanted to do a pinwheel quilt but I messed up AND don't follow instructions well :(
BUT, if you focus on the white, you've got PINWHEELS, on point, no less !! :D  WhOO hOOO!!!
See, Annette, I did it ;)
I did stipple quilting on both quilts.  They each have our boy's names quilted into the quilt along with 2012, my name and the girls name.  For Rachel's quilt, I was teaching a friend of mine how to FMQ and so Rachel's has a star and a flower too ;D
There is one thing that I did differently on these two quilts.  I did not hand stitch the binding on...OOoooooooh.  I felt like these would be a good place for me to try my hand at binding with my machine.  They turned out well.  On one I did a top stitch and on the other I did a narrow, small zigzag.  I think I prefer the zigzag.  I am kinda sad that I don't have anything to bind tonight while we watch TV.  I guess I'll keep working on my knitting or cutting out the next project ;D
My boys are working on cards to add to the box for the girls.  I'll ship them out Friday morning :)

Now I just HAVE to make one more quilt this week (Saturday, probably) for the Relay for Life auction in Spanish Fork next week.  I am planning on the left over blues and whites from a few quilts that I have done.  I am also hoping to piece the back so I have to make NO trips to the store :)  That would be AWESOME!!!  I think it will be pretty simple and VERY scrappy ;)  Anyone want to donate a back? ;)

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WIP Thursday????

I'm a little late for WIP Wednesday, oh well :D
I forgot to post the new $29 kit from Morganson's Stitches & Sew Forth :)  It's BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to cut into it :)  Also, they are shipping their kits each month :)  Be sure to call them if you are interested :) THIS is their blog.  Here is the quilt...

Becky does an AWESOME job with design and fabric choices :)  Here are the fabrics for next month :)
ALSO, I can't believe I forgot to post this, but I WON Emily Herrick's new book Geared for Guys!!!
I wanted it SO bad and I did from the WONDERFUL April at Making Ends Meet.  You can read the funny story about how I won on her blog HERE.
I think that is all...  WAIT!  I taught my first FMQ class last night :)  It was super fun!  Whoo Hoo!!!
So, now for what I did yesterday sewing-wise amid the dishes and house work!
The quilts for the girls who moved are coming along nicely.  I got the tops made and one basted for quilting. As soon as I press "publish" I am off to baste the second one ;D  I am toying with the idea of machine stitching the binding on totally.  I am not sure and have not decided yet.  My top stitching has gotten MUCH better, but I still LOVE to hand bind... Oh the dilemma!  Here are the pics of the tops... One basted one not...
 Rachel is more of a tomboy and loves red.  The minky on the back is red and the binding will be red gingham, courtesy of April :)
 This one is for Heidi and she is ALL princess.  Her favorite color is pink, of course and her minky will be "PINK! ...of course, with pink gingham binding...on the bias, of course... are you sick of "..." and "of courses?"

WAIT!!!  I also made this skirt for my daughter..

"Are you taking a picture of my face?"
Anyhoots, I used THIS as my inspiration, I think :(  I can't remember where I got the idea last week, but this website is pretty close.  I did not do more than the circumference of her hips.  The fabric is VERY stretchy! It is SUPER simple but not super easy.  I am not accustom to sewing on knits so there was a lot of unpicking and resewing :p  It turned out WAY cute though ;D ...and only $6!  I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby, without a coupon!  I'll go get more fabric with a coupon for extra savings.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peteetneet Quilt Show

The 10th Annual
Peteetneet Quilt Show
"A Decade of Creating Heirlooms"

The show starts June 15th and runs through the 26th.  Classes and Demonstrations are Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd.  If have a quilt you would like to enter in the show they will be accepted June 11 from 10am to 4pm and June 12 from 9am to 12pm.

For more information, entry forms, and class sign ups go to

So today was the 3rd meeting of the Payson Quilt Guild at the Peteetneet Museum.  It was SUPER fun and you can read about it all HERE on the guilds blog.  We had a super fun time!
I worked on a quilt for my neighbors who just moved FAR FAR away to Michigan.  I got a heart breaking text from one of their little girls who is missing us all a bit too much :(  I am using the layer cake of vintage ginghams that April gave me at the retreat.  I ended up making quarter square triangles with white fabric.  Here are the pictures.

There are a lot of squares so I think that I will be able to make one for each of them, instead of two different ones.  I plan to have them ready to ship Thursday. ...or Friday ;)  I have got to get some minky for the backs of these.  I hope Hobby Lobby has some stuff that will match :)  They both like different colors, so I should be able to split the blocks to make two different yet the same quilts ;)
I am teaching a fmq class tomorrow night and we will quilt one of these :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday's List

#1 I need to make the quilt top for the Relay for Life auction (due June 8th)... which leads to...
#2 I am teaching a class on how to baste and machine quilt Wednesday night.  I will use the charity auction quilt :)  ...two birds, one stone thing.
#3 Tomorrow is quilt guild.  I will either finish up the charity quilt top or work on my dads birthday quilt (due Flag day) OR the granny squares for the block exchange in June (date TBD)
#4. I have got to get Ashley's All Fenced In quilt basted and quilted (due July).  I really should do this today as she is out of town and won't be back until lunch tomorrow.  Maybe I will hurry and baste it.  But then I'd have to make a decision on the back... :p
#5 Now lets see, what is on the back burners.... well, they aren't on fire this week, anyway ;)
my knit baby blanket :)
my nephews surf shop quilt
Melissa's messenger bag
something for Miranda
Chrisann's quilt (the AWESOME kindergarten teacher)
My bed quilt
My flea market fancy quilt
Gingham quilt
chevron quarter square triangle quilt
the April and may $29 girl quilts
Mac's birthday quilt (the $29 moose quilt from April) due sept
Will's birthday quilt (due December)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Tonight we gave President Willardson his very special quilt.  Here are the pictures...
Nadine and I holding up the quilt in a quilt "pre" shot.

Me leading President Willardson into the room with the quilt and all of the ladies.

"What is going on?"

the quilt and his GIANT card(on the right)

A shot of his GIANT card open :)

It was REALLY wonderful to give this to him.  He cried, we cried!  He said he was going to go home and put it right on his bed :)

Happy Sunday :)

Today is a nice relaxing day :)  I got to sleep in :)  I had a HUGE breakfast :)  (I am following Bob's Skinny Rules book)  I was asked to speak in another church (LDS ward) this morning and so I stayed and attended all of their meetings.  I had this ward scheduled for a visit anyway, so it worked out great :)
Last night I knitted while we watched several of the Harry Potter movies.  The movies reminded me how much I LOVED those books.  I am knitting a basket weave baby blanket.  It is soft and pretty and made from the AWESOME yarn that my neighbor Suzy gave me for my birthday.  I plan to knit today too :)
At 5:00 we are giving the quilt to our church leader :)  I am very excited!
Here are a few pictures of the baby blanket :)

I am using a large adjustable knitting needle of Suzys.  It's pretty cool!  I many have to buy one for myself :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

PW's Quilt is FINISHED!! :D

I was kind of having a hard time deciding if I should count this quilt in my finished quilts count.  The blocks were all made by ladies in my church for our church leader, President Lyman Willardson (LDS Stake President) who has terminal cancer.  I decided to count it, for these reasons... it was my idea ;),  I trimmed all of the blocks, I put the top together and the back, as well ;),  I bound it, and I sewed the label on the back. ...I also spent the majority of Thursday quilting it ;D  A TOTAL labor of love :)
Several ladies have asked how he is doing.  Even though the cancer is throughout his body, he feels perfectly well and plans to continue to lead and inspire us for as long as possible.  He is a wonderful man and we are so blessed to have him among us.
Here are the myriad pictures I took in my living room.  It was raining outside and I am FREEZING, so inside pictures will have to do :)  The pictures turned out kinda cool with the light coming from behind!  I tried to list as many names of the blocks and their makers as I could.  Unfortunately, many blocks were dropped off to my house while I was not home and I don't know who made many of them :(

The photo block on the right toward the bottom is a picture of the tree in President Willardson's yard.
He calls it the  "Tree of Life."  (See 1 Nephi chapter 8 of the Book of Mormon)
Here is the front view of Delilah Curtis's hand appliqued Celtic Knot

The top right block was made by Marilynn Lankford and it is called "Returning Home"
The top center block is the scripture Isaiah 40:31 made by Teena Searle and her mother.
The top left star block was lovingly made by Connie Olsen.

See the boat on the left?  That was made by Marilee Laney.  It is her first block ever!!!  Can you say "Talent!!!"?
Sister Dansie made the Utah block.
The postage stamp granny square was made by Pat Zeeman.

Do you see the aqua/teal postage stamp granny square, bottom right-centerish?  It was stitched by Jill Wilson.

The top center boat block was made by Konda Lukau, quilter extraordinaire.

The top left block is an awesome air plane block by Heidi Madsen.
The bottom right block is by Marilynn Lankford called "Lost at Sea"

The top left star is the Star of Hope made by Annette Rawlinson.
The bottom left quilt block was made by Cindy Sager and is of the "Special Primary."  The Special Primary is a class held each week for the children and adults in our community with varying disabilities.
The bottom right block was one of the three beautiful blocks made by Pat Zeeman.

The bottom right is the AWESOME scooter made by Becky Christensen.
The top left block was made by Trudy Peck.  It is four ladies tying a quilt :)
The top right was embroidered by Juliana Marsh, WOW!!!

The top left 9 patch was made by Debbie Cook.
Becky Call paper pieced the dragon fly on the bottom left. SUPER COOL!

The bottom left block is a picture block of President Willardson and his wife, Polly, by the picture of  the new Payson LDS Temple that is under construction.

Now these pictures are my favorite.  I have a major thing for the back's of quilts.  I love how the light shines through from the window :)

Here are some closeups of the big stitch quilting we did.  I really love how there are blue and white stitching throughout.

The back of the airplane block.  President Willardson is a pilot.

The Celtic Knot by Delilah Curtis is my favorite from the front and the back :)

The back of the scooter block.  President Willardson rides his white Vespa all over town.

I received this block late Wednesday evening from an 83 year old lady in our church.  I am so glad that it came late.  It makes the most PERFECT label!  Don't you think?

After I was finished taking the pictures, I came in the living room and thought this was a pretty shot.  I have always LOVED our home.  It was designed and built by my husbands grandparents in the 1930's.  Our family is very blessed to live in a home with so much family history and love :)

Here is the front room window without the quilt.  The window boxes are original to the house.

Here is the quilt folded and waiting to be delivered to our unsuspecting stake president tomorrow... unless he follows my blog, and then he'd better get his game face on ;D

President Willardson is a beekeeper.  Annette Rawlinson keeps bees with him and made this special block.  Annette was such a HUGE help in getting this quilt together.  Aren't good friends the very greatest blessing in our lives?

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