Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Planets Align ;D

An old picture of my baby and Thumps the bunny.  I LOVE this picture!
 I decided to make a quilt for my baby today.  His baby blanket is torn and tattered:(    Time to clean it and put it away for posterity..  So, for the new one, I pieced the strips of left over minky from other quilts to make the back and then just used the planet fabric I bought him last week for Star Wars Day.  Click HERE for the post.  I tried my hand at a cobblestone fmq and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I used Sulky transparent thread.  I think I prefer the Sulky to the other brand I used on Ford's quilt.  It's the German one that starts with a "G."  It seems softer and finer.  Here are the pictures.  Now, just to warn you, there are WAY too many pictures.  My baby is the model and is just so cute, I couldn't cut any of them from the spread ;)  Just as a tease, here is a picture of him when he was just learning to walk.

That kid is SO spoiled!  Anyhoots, here is the quilt without further ado :)
Lying on the bridge over the creek.

A view from the other side of the creek ;)

Minky all cobbled up :)

The cute planets.  I am so glad that I bought this fabric.

Wasn't sure I'd like the binding, but I LOVE it!  It's from the Dr. Suess line.

So much cheese! 

"Smile normal!"

"Who's your girlfriend?"

Say, "Emire"

"Fine!  Just smile!!"


"Hey, Mom!  There is a BUG!!!"

PS- I am linking this post up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict WHOOP WhOOP!!


  1. Sooooo cute! Do you quilt on your Pfaff? How does your sewing machine tolerate the minky fabrics specially that it's pieced? Your pebbles look great and the planet fabric with the stipe binding looks awesome!

    1. yep, my little Pfaff does it all :) I have found the minky works better than cotton fabric. I get far less puckers with the cotton than with minky :)

  2. A great fun quilt for him. I need to finish my grandsons quilt.

    1. Your grandson will love it! :) Kids are so much fun to sew for. They get so excited :)

  3. Yep! He loves the quilt! I recognize the planet pattern. The colors might be slightly different, but I used that design as one of the first whole quilt bed coverings I made when I was quilting. My now 14 year old GS still has it on his bed....

    1. I'm glad to know that this love of the planets will carry on for a few years :)

  4. Awesome! I love how the minky stripes turned out - they look great with the planets, and the quilting is great! Nice work!


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