Saturday, May 26, 2012

PW's Quilt is FINISHED!! :D

I was kind of having a hard time deciding if I should count this quilt in my finished quilts count.  The blocks were all made by ladies in my church for our church leader, President Lyman Willardson (LDS Stake President) who has terminal cancer.  I decided to count it, for these reasons... it was my idea ;),  I trimmed all of the blocks, I put the top together and the back, as well ;),  I bound it, and I sewed the label on the back. ...I also spent the majority of Thursday quilting it ;D  A TOTAL labor of love :)
Several ladies have asked how he is doing.  Even though the cancer is throughout his body, he feels perfectly well and plans to continue to lead and inspire us for as long as possible.  He is a wonderful man and we are so blessed to have him among us.
Here are the myriad pictures I took in my living room.  It was raining outside and I am FREEZING, so inside pictures will have to do :)  The pictures turned out kinda cool with the light coming from behind!  I tried to list as many names of the blocks and their makers as I could.  Unfortunately, many blocks were dropped off to my house while I was not home and I don't know who made many of them :(

The photo block on the right toward the bottom is a picture of the tree in President Willardson's yard.
He calls it the  "Tree of Life."  (See 1 Nephi chapter 8 of the Book of Mormon)
Here is the front view of Delilah Curtis's hand appliqued Celtic Knot

The top right block was made by Marilynn Lankford and it is called "Returning Home"
The top center block is the scripture Isaiah 40:31 made by Teena Searle and her mother.
The top left star block was lovingly made by Connie Olsen.

See the boat on the left?  That was made by Marilee Laney.  It is her first block ever!!!  Can you say "Talent!!!"?
Sister Dansie made the Utah block.
The postage stamp granny square was made by Pat Zeeman.

Do you see the aqua/teal postage stamp granny square, bottom right-centerish?  It was stitched by Jill Wilson.

The top center boat block was made by Konda Lukau, quilter extraordinaire.

The top left block is an awesome air plane block by Heidi Madsen.
The bottom right block is by Marilynn Lankford called "Lost at Sea"

The top left star is the Star of Hope made by Annette Rawlinson.
The bottom left quilt block was made by Cindy Sager and is of the "Special Primary."  The Special Primary is a class held each week for the children and adults in our community with varying disabilities.
The bottom right block was one of the three beautiful blocks made by Pat Zeeman.

The bottom right is the AWESOME scooter made by Becky Christensen.
The top left block was made by Trudy Peck.  It is four ladies tying a quilt :)
The top right was embroidered by Juliana Marsh, WOW!!!

The top left 9 patch was made by Debbie Cook.
Becky Call paper pieced the dragon fly on the bottom left. SUPER COOL!

The bottom left block is a picture block of President Willardson and his wife, Polly, by the picture of  the new Payson LDS Temple that is under construction.

Now these pictures are my favorite.  I have a major thing for the back's of quilts.  I love how the light shines through from the window :)

Here are some closeups of the big stitch quilting we did.  I really love how there are blue and white stitching throughout.

The back of the airplane block.  President Willardson is a pilot.

The Celtic Knot by Delilah Curtis is my favorite from the front and the back :)

The back of the scooter block.  President Willardson rides his white Vespa all over town.

I received this block late Wednesday evening from an 83 year old lady in our church.  I am so glad that it came late.  It makes the most PERFECT label!  Don't you think?

After I was finished taking the pictures, I came in the living room and thought this was a pretty shot.  I have always LOVED our home.  It was designed and built by my husbands grandparents in the 1930's.  Our family is very blessed to live in a home with so much family history and love :)

Here is the front room window without the quilt.  The window boxes are original to the house.

Here is the quilt folded and waiting to be delivered to our unsuspecting stake president tomorrow... unless he follows my blog, and then he'd better get his game face on ;D

President Willardson is a beekeeper.  Annette Rawlinson keeps bees with him and made this special block.  Annette was such a HUGE help in getting this quilt together.  Aren't good friends the very greatest blessing in our lives?

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  1. Wow, Marion. What a truly beautiful quilt. That quilt will warm his heart for sure, and it will also continue to warm his wife's heart after he's gone. What a joyful service all you ladies have done!

    1. Thank you, Myra :) It has been wonderful to make and I can't wait to give it to him tonight!

  2. Beautiful and so special! I love quilts with stories and meaning!

    1. Thank you, Beth. It really feels good to make special things for special people!

  3. It looks awesome Marion! My favorite is also the Celtic knot block, I just simply love those Celtic appliques. Here's the WHOOP WHOOP for you! :)

    1. Aren't they cool? The lady who made it does amazing handwork. She is my hero!

  4. That's a beautiful quilt, Marion, and truly a labor of love. Whoop whoop!!

    1. It really was a major labor of love and SO wonderful to do. I am going to to have to get in on your quilt giving ideas and see what some local needs are. It's really special to make something for those who are suffering losses.

  5. This is such a wonderful will always be so meaningful to the family : ) And I love the label too.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I am so happy with the label :)

  6. Thank you for sharing all the blocks...This post was a labor of love also...The quilt has love sewn all in it...

    1. Thank you! You are right, the love was all over that quilt! :D xo


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