Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sanpete Pinwheels & a GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy 200th blog post!!!  :)
If you are here for the GIVEAWAY, keep on going... it's after the pretty pictures ;)
Anyway.... I am very happy that this quilt is finished.  I knew that my list this week would not get completed, and that is ok.  It's been a REALLY busy week.  Next week will be busy too :p  and seriously, I couldn't have two weeks in a row with my list all the way finished!  That would be SUPER bad luck ;D
I did half of the quilting on Friday and finished the rest today.  I did the binding scrappy and ended up machine sewing the binding on.  It turned out great :)

The back is medium blue minky for extra snuggliness :)

There are a 4 prints that repeat and the rest are all one of a kind... in this quilt anyway :)

Julie will be coming by my house tomorrow to pick up this quilt and 21 more that have been brought to my home this week along with 2 BEAUTIFUL quilt tops :)  This quilt is for Operation Wood Hollow over at

Now that we have enjoyed the eye candy, here is what is up for grabs in my first ever GIVEAWAY!!!  In honor of the SLC Modern Quilt Guild's Dresden Quilting Challenge I'll be giving away an EZ Dresden Ruler :)
All you need to do win this GREAT tool is to become a follower of my blog AND leave a comment telling me you are a follower and your favorite quilting tool :)  I'd have to say that my little Pfaff sewing machine is my BFF ;)  What's yours?

Here are a few things I have made with my little EZ Dresden ruler...

I really LOVE the Dresden plate and the EZ Dresden Ruler makes making them extremely simple.  Entries for the drawing will close 10pm on July 5th.

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June Finishes

Quilting in progress :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Operation Wood Hollow Top FINISHED :)

While we were out taking pictures of the quilt top for Julie's Operation Wood Hollow, there were flecks of ash floating in the air :(  There is smoke all over :(  I couldn't get a picture of the ash, but I did capture the smoke.  First the quilt :)

Usually these mountains are very clear in the distance.  This smoke is from the Wood Hollow fire.

 I was going to get this basted tonight, but I am too tired.  You can read more about the quilt fabric and pattern HERE.

PS- I have good news, I have received 10 quilts for Julie's Operation Wood Hollow so far.  I know of one more top and one more completed quilt coming for sure, plus mine.  I'll check with Morganson's Stitches and Sew Forth to see if they have collected any quilts too.  Aren't quilters wonderful?

Please keep the quilts coming :)

I'm getting dizzy.... ;)
Do you see my STUPID mistake? Argh!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pinwheels for Sanpete :)

Operation Wood Hollow is under way in Payson.  Julie over at is organizing a quilt drive for the families who have lost their homes in the Wood Hollow Fire in Sanpete County Utah.  Here are some of the blocks that I have done for my quilt for Operation Wood Hollow.

I am using the blocks from the Broadbent's Modern Quilt group swap that I participated in.  They are 8" square and red, white and blue stripes.  I am making the blocks using a tutorial I saw a while ago called "easy pinwheels" HERE.  The finished block with the two 8" blocks (one print, one white) is 10".  The only issue with this block is that because of the way it is sewn and cut, the blocks edges are on the bias, so they are a bit wonky if you aren't careful.  To combat this, I used spray starch when I pressed open the half square triangles.  The bias is kinda nice when sewing the blocks together, though.  If they aren't exactly the right size, a little tug here, and little pull there, gets everyone nice and square ;D  This technique is SUPER EASY and FAST and I really like it so far.  I will give a final opinion after I quilt it :)

Please spread the word about Operation Wood Hollow.  Julie's town was evacuated today, so if she does not get back to you right away, give her a day or so.  I spoke with her today, and I will be collecting donations here at my home for people wanting to donate in the Utah county area.  Please email me and I'd be glad to get you my address for drop off :)  She is accepting any finished quilts, tops, batting or fabric.  The fire is still raging so please pray for these families :(  Hopefully Julie's home will be alright.

Opperation Wood Hollow

Julie over at is organizing a quilt drive for the numerous families who's homes were lost in the Wood Hollow fire in Sanpete Co. Utah.  I am collecting quilts in the Payson, and greater  Utah county area.  Please email me if you'd like to donate a finished quilt, a top,  batting,  fabric or time :)  You may also contact Julie directly.  If you are out of the area you may mail supplies or quilts directly to Julie :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Know What I'm Going TO-DO Today.....

I am a little bit worried that finishing everything on my list, plus some, will bring some kind of bad luck.  So far I am ok.  I will let you know if Karma drops a load of badness over here ;D

On a totally separate note, just for fun, here is a sign that I saw and HAVE TO HAVE!
I am going to get this made for my side door.  It just CRACKS ME UP!!!

So lets looks at how things went this past week :)

#1 Granny Squares for swap (due the 25th)  DONE!!!
#2  Two 20" pillows for a troubled teen program   DONE!!... and MAILED!
#3  My moms table runner   DONE!!!
#4  a skirt for my 15 year old and one for me too :)   DONE!!!   DONE!!!
#5 Volunteer at the Peteetneet Quilt show Wednesday   DONE!!!
#6 Cut squares for modern quilt guild swap   DONE!!!
#7  Cut out fabric for mystery quilt Friday night   DONE!!!
BONUS Finishes--- Quilted box for the boys Skylanders  DONE!!!
& 4th of July table runner top :)   DONE!!!
& Cutting out both of the April $29 quilts :)   DONE!!!
(I really like putting the lines through everything :)

So what about this week?  What is on the list?
#1 The April $29 girl quilt (top for sure)
#2  Mac's birthday quilt (the $29 moose quilt from April)
#3  the may $29 quilt (top for sure)
#4  Finish the 4th of July Table Runner I finished this yesterday :)
#5  Volunteer at the Peteetneet Quilt show on Tuesday :)

Back Burner Purgatory.... lol!!! ;)'s GROWING!!!!
my nephews surf shop quilt
Melissa's messenger bag
something for Miranda (june $29 quilt)
Chrisann's quilt (the AWESOME kindergarten teacher)
My bed quilt
My flea market fancy quilt...maybe hexies or a dresden plate???
Chevron fat quarter bundle quilt- Probably a quarter square triangle quilt as seen at market.
Will's birthday quilt (due December)
Alyson's Quilt
Mandy's quilt
Blue bird quilt for me :)
Something with my granny squares
Something with my Red White and Blue stripe blocks (I'm thinking an actual Pinwheel quilt)
Learn to make soap and lotion from my AWESOME friend Kim :)
I think I want to quilt something by hand...

The Addicted Quilters Prayer by Marion
Let me NOT add ONE MORE THING to my to-do list!!!! :D
Please send Manna from Heaven so I don't have to fix dinner.
Please send Merry Maids so I don't have to clean the house.
Please let my children play nicely, outside, but not in the street, preferably at the neighbors house... ALL DAY ...until the Manna arrives with paper plates so there are no dishes :D

Sunday, June 24, 2012

4th of July Table Runner Finito!

I made this tpp at one of the Peteeneet quilt show classes on Saturday taught by the AMAZING Haley DeHart.  It was made with a charm pack and a very simple, but darling, pattern, "Let Freedom Ring," by Bloom Creek.  I backed it with some navy fabric with stars from my stash.  I used the heat resistant batting for fun ;D  My boys like to call it "fire proof" :p

I did a stars and loops pattern for the fmq

I am sending this off to my sil today for her birthday last week.  I hope she likes it.  I'm not a big Americana fan, but I am really happy with how this turned out :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The LIST is Complete!!!

Now I don't want you freak out or anything, I am trying to remain calm myself, BUT... I finished EVERYTHING on my to-do list this week :)  HOLY SMOKES!!!
I got #5 yesterday :)
My skirt :)

My 15 year old's skirt :)

Once these were finished, I made a box for my boys Skylanders.

So once these guys were finished I headed over to the Friday Night Mystery Quilt class over at the Peteeneet Quilt Show :)  I made a MILLION 1/2 square triangles and one of the blocks.  I didn't take pictures, but I will on Monday when I feel like looking at my sewing stuff again :)
Today I went to the Broadbent Modern quilt group.  I bought a fat quarter and a 1/2 yard of fabric (I'll show you on Monday).  After the class I headed back home to the Peteeneet Quilt Show for a trunk show and a quilt restoration demo.  It was AWESOME!!
Finally I went to a table runner class by the FANTASTIC Haley :)  Here is my finished top.

 I added the red border when I got home.  There were 8 charm squares left, so I cut the red ones in half and added a few red pieces from my own stash.  I thought the blue squares in the corners would be a good tie in to the blue in the body of the topper.

This is for my sil for her birthday (late) :)  I'll get it quilted next week!

I am going to have a sew free evening with my family :) ..if I can manage it :D

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June Finishes

Thursday, June 21, 2012

#3, 5 & 7 BITE THE DUST!!! :)

Oh yeah, baby!  The table runner (#3 on my list) for my mom is FInIshED and I am SO happy :) is SUPER cute.... so get ready :)

I pieced up the back for fun :) 

This table runner is REALLY big.  I can't find my measuring tape so I don't know exactly how big it is.  I'm guessing about 18"x64".  I can't wait to give it to her Saturday morning :)

#5 on my list this week was to volunteer yesterday at the Peteetneet Quilt show.... and while I was there, I finished #7, cut out the mystery quilt :)  I was able to cut out three quilts while I was there :)
So, if I can get the skirts sewn before church on Sunday, I will have completed my list for this week :) that safe?  Should I really finish my WHOLE to do list?  It might be bad karma to do that...  What do you think?

I am going to be linking this up with Elizabeth and SHOW OFF FRIDAY over at a Pieceful Life :), Sew & Tell Friday with AmyLouWho and Sarah over at The Fabric Addict for CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP???

June Finishes