Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pinwheels for Sanpete :)

Operation Wood Hollow is under way in Payson.  Julie over at havingfunquilting.blogspot.com is organizing a quilt drive for the families who have lost their homes in the Wood Hollow Fire in Sanpete County Utah.  Here are some of the blocks that I have done for my quilt for Operation Wood Hollow.

I am using the blocks from the Broadbent's Modern Quilt group swap that I participated in.  They are 8" square and red, white and blue stripes.  I am making the blocks using a tutorial I saw a while ago called "easy pinwheels" HERE.  The finished block with the two 8" blocks (one print, one white) is 10".  The only issue with this block is that because of the way it is sewn and cut, the blocks edges are on the bias, so they are a bit wonky if you aren't careful.  To combat this, I used spray starch when I pressed open the half square triangles.  The bias is kinda nice when sewing the blocks together, though.  If they aren't exactly the right size, a little tug here, and little pull there, gets everyone nice and square ;D  This technique is SUPER EASY and FAST and I really like it so far.  I will give a final opinion after I quilt it :)

Please spread the word about Operation Wood Hollow.  Julie's town was evacuated today, so if she does not get back to you right away, give her a day or so.  I spoke with her today, and I will be collecting donations here at my home for people wanting to donate in the Utah county area.  Please email me and I'd be glad to get you my address for drop off :)  She is accepting any finished quilts, tops, batting or fabric.  The fire is still raging so please pray for these families :(  Hopefully Julie's home will be alright.

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  1. oh boy, those bias edges can't be fun. i use an entirely different technique for HSTs but ... could you combat the bias by cutting your initial squares on the bias. yes, you'd be sewing those edges first but then the outer edges would run with the grain.


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