Sunday, June 3, 2012


Sweet Bianca over at Sweet Diesel Designs let me know that Jeni over at In Color Order picked my Retro Flower Quilt as one of her favorites!!!  HOLY SMOKES!!!  I am going to be bragging on that one for a while!  (my poor family ;)

Following up on yesterday's post, I thought you might like to see the "after" pictures of the clean up.  I still need a better organizational system, but at least I can see the floor and know where most of my fabric is ;D

My cupboard is better, especially the top shelf!

I reworked my little bins and stacked and refolded fabric to lay nicely :)

Not much of an improvement, but what is do be done?  I need to get a few more selves for this side.  The bottom bin is large pieces of fabric.  The bags are my minky stash :)

This side has the bin on the bottom of large pieces of fabric.  Next comes some more fabric covered by my batting.  The pink bin on top has ribbons and buttons and other miscellaneous notions.

I REALLY love this little table.  It was under the stairs in our home when we bought it after my hubbies grandmother passed away.  I am pretty sure that it was her sewing table.  It has a tape measure printed into the top on one edge.  It's a little rickety, but aren't we all ;D

OK, so this corner is just going to have to be horrible forever!  The bottom white bin is my yarn topped by project boxes.  The large bag on the top left is my salvage stash ;)  Directly to the right of that bag is my pressing towels and cloths with my yarn in the back for the baby blanket I am knitting.

Now, you are not off of the hook!  I still want to see your stash :)  Be sure to go back and link up your pictures :) HERE


  1. WOW, doesn't your sewing room look great!! Well done, I was kind of skeptical after I saw the before pictures :)))) Just kiddin'! You did a great job! Inspired me again, as always! And you were a STAR (at least in my eyes) already before Jeni discovered you! Keep on going!

    1. So when are you going to show me a picture of your sewing mess??? I have already shown you mine :)


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