Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Relay For Life Quilt Top is Finished!

I have time tonight to get it all the way done, but I want to watch a movie!  So here are the shots of the finished top.
This first picture is of a block that I think is pretty clever.  I am sure someone else invented it first, but I haven't seen it before ;)  I made a block that is a pocket with a zipper in it.  What little boy does not need another place to store his treasures!  No frogs, please :)

My boys think that Skylanders are the best thing to put in it.  When I put the Wii remote in it my boys were worried I was going to give it away with the quilt ;D

Here is the completed top.  Since all of the blocks were different sizes, I added  sashing to the top and right side of every block and then cut them all to 10.5" square.  I thought it would look different.  I am not sure what I expected...  Any hoots, I ended up having to add a border to two sides to complete the trim.  The zipper block is not trimmed on the two outside edges.  You know, "One of these things is not like the others.."  I like that it is different :)
PS- my boys all want a pocket in their quilt now ;)  I think I will put them in all of the children's quilts that I do now.

I am going to bind it it all scrappy like.  I used my stash for the whole thing.  I may have to go buy backing :p  We'll see if I can piece something together so I can stick to my total stash, scrappy goal :)  Actually, most of the quilt is scraps and only the sashing was sash.. or just a REALLY large scrap, about a 1.5 yard scrap ;D

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  1. I love the pocket idea! I'm pretty sure you invented it. : )

    1. Wouldn't it be cool if i REALLy did invent the pocket block?

  2. Love the pocket - and the contents!

    1. Thank you! What else could a little boy want in a quilt, but a pocket for stuff and having more Skylanders? ;D


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