Friday, July 25, 2014

Rustique Temple Bag

My oldest daughter and her husband are going to the temple tomorrow. I thought it would be most fitting to make her a temple bag for the special occation. *more info about "the temple" at the bottom :-)*

Anna loved the deer and the hexagon print.  I used all of the selvages in the fat quarter bundle to make a hezy style log cabin for the front flap of the messenger bag.

Anna loves blue, so I used it for the binding and the straps.

(Anna chose Emily Herricks new collection Rustique.  I have been dying to use it!)

I followed my tutorial/QAL for the pattern, of course!  blogged HERE.

There is so much variety in this colleciton that the bag is just HAPPY happy HaPPy!

The zippered pockets just make things so perky!

For the lable, I use another hezagon.

I used a quilt as you go method for the main body piecing and for the flap.

I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow!

Some of you may be asking yourself, "What on earth is a Temple bag?"  Well, in my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka "The Mormons"), when we are adults we attend our temples for sacred worship. While we are in the temple we wear special/sacred clothing.  We use small suit cases or other bags to carry this clothing to and from the temple.

Some of you may remember that Mike and Anna were married a year and a half ago by our Bishop in our church building.  Mormons believe that in order for our marriages to last beyond this life they must be solomized in on of our temples.  Read more HERE.  Anna and Mike are going to the temple tomorrow to recieve that ordinace.  We are VERY excited!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilting for Customers

My mother in law sent me these five tops to quilt for her. 

I have told her repeatedly that she doesn't have to pay me!

She won't listen! ;-)

I spend the day having fun with each quilt. 

I'll be happy to hand them over to her this weekend while they are in town. 

I played with different sized loop de loops on two of the quilts. I have a hard time making my brain do it!

This last quilt was made my by sister in law ( I think). 

The colors are ao fun!  Soft greens and purples with a bit of teal. (Not easy to see in these pictures) 

I decided on orange peel for the squares and loops and feathers for the borders. 

I'm super happy to have these off my to do list :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

50th Wedding Anniversary Quilt

My son in laws grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend. 

The pictures are so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it!

Such fun memories!

The fabrics are all from Riley Blake. 

The kids will be presenting the quilt to their parents at a special retreat this weekend. 

I sure hope they like it!

49" x 50"

To print the pictures, you will need "Sew in" printable fabric, a high quality ink jet printer and high resolution/quality pictures.  The pictures MUST be very high quality or you wont get a good result.  For the printable fabric, that I prefer is Printed Treasures by Dritz.  You can find it at JoAnn Fabric or HERE on  Please follow the manufactures instructions exactly.  There are other, less expensive options, but this one is the most fabric like and it's the softest ;)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Terra Australis Orange Peel Progress

Up at The Small Town Quilt Show I was able to finish all of my blocks for this quilt. 

Last night we fooled around with layouts.  The blocks are each 13.5". It's a big throw!

I can't decide if I want them to be random or in a color gradient. 

I like the gradient layout, but I'm not sure I am happy with this particular one. :/. I'll fool around with it more after I finish an anniversary quilt for a customer ;-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Small Town Quilt Show

Early this past Thursday morning, Emily and I packed up and headed out and on our way up to Midway and The Zermatt Resort for the Small Town Quilt Show. ...after a stop at 8:30am...

It was a BLAST! 

We were asked to post selfies to Instagram under the sign. 

I had trouble figuring it out ;-)

Kira was cute no matter what!

There was a wonderful quilt show. 

I loved this version of a red and white quilt. I am getting all sorts of ideas for a red and white block swap!

...and a vendor area so we could drool over new products and fabric and gadgets!

The open sew area was my favorite!  I hung out there 15 hours a day! ;-)

Here is some of us late night sewists Thursday (late) night :-D

We had a blast watching Shannon try to get the sign in her selfie :-)

It was so cute!

Maybe the chair will help??

We even got a little punchy and slap happy! (Big surprise there!)

Friday morning started with a series of bum shots. 


Of course we went shopping!  Midway has some seriously cute eclectic boutiques and antique stores. 

I really like this turtle!

I ended up with this HUGE bowl!  I LOVE it!!!

Sewing wise I worked on my Terra Australis orange peel quilt. 

All of the blocks are sewn!

I just need to get them all together now :-)

Saturday afternoon I was safely delivered home to my family!  I missed them! (But I sure did have a BLAST!!!)

Thank you to all of the AMAZING women who organized this truly terrific event!  I will be there next year for sure!!!

Antique Puncushion

Last week when I was up in Midway, Utah for The Small Town Quilt Show, I found this cute antique thingy ma-bober at a gift shop. 

I was shopping with friends and we thought it would make a super cute pincushion. 

I added the fabric, crushed walnut shells and batting to make this cute thing into a pincushion ;-)

I used a circle of plastic cardboard to hold all of the "stuff" up in the lid. ...and then shoved a few t pins in to hold it all together ;-)

TA da!!!  Cute as cute can be :-)