Sunday, August 12, 2012

Max's Surf Shop Quilt is FINISHED!!! :D

WOW, did this quilt take me FOREVER to get finished, or what? ;)  I have to admit, I am an Olympics junkie and between that and my bff in town and end of the summer shenanigans, I did not get a lot of sewing time in :)
I finished the binding on Thursday and a little last minute applique Friday morning.  The quilt is a generous twin sized quilt.

I did an all over "wave's" style fmq.  I did them bigger on this quilt than I did on my granny square quilt.

Max's mom, Stephanie, did a GREAT job selecting Hawaiian style fabrics for the surf boards.

The back

This is my nephew, Max, modeling the quilt on the bank of our creek.

Max's baby brother, Jude, joined in the action.

Jude has AWESOME squishy legs :)  They were pinched quite a bit ;D

"Am I finished laying here?"

My baby, Will :)

Max, packing up the quilt to take home for his new room :)

This quilt is made with Emily Herrick's Surf Shop quilt pattern.  I added additional rows of surf boards along the top and the side to make it fit a twin sized bed.  I used this pattern on my husbands birthday quilt.


  1. It's a beauty! Very nicely done! Love the family pictures of all those cuties!

  2. We LOVE the quilt so much!!! It looks awesome in Max's room. Thanks again for this labor of love.

  3. So cute! I wish I could stick my feet in your creek water. It's been over 110 here all week.

  4. super cute quilt and great pictures.

  5. Great quilt Marion! The models are just too cute! Lovely shots and gorgeous quilting, congratulations! WHOOP WHOOP! :)

  6. The quilt turned out fantastic! I’m so glad you linked this up at One Creative Weekend! I love it! I’d love for you to join the party again on Friday.

  7. OMY I love love these surfboard quilts... do you make these to order??
    if so, please email thanks!!

    1. Absolutely :) I shot you an email ...hopefully you received it ;)


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