Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Binding.. Binding...Binding

It's kinda hard to hand bind with Kerri and Misty are winning GOLD!!!

I was able to get the quilting finished yesterday and started the binding today.  I just can't keep my eyes off of the TV.  I sure LOVE to watch all of these amazing athletes!


  1. I know what you mean! It's so fun to watch the Olympics. I'll miss them when they're over.

  2. You are an amazingly fast free motion quilter. Have you done it before? Do you have a long arm? or just the good ol regular sewing machine. I tend to make quilt tops and then put off the quilting-and then end up just doing stitch in the ditch because free motion stresses me out so much...

    1. Hi Marilyn! You are so sweet! I just started quilting in January and am very much a beginner fmq'er ;D I just fmq on my trusty old regular pfaff and a darning foot. The trick with fmq, for me, anyway, is to keep telling myself to "CHILL OUT!!!" I find my shoulders nestled up into my ears frequently ;D


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