Saturday, August 4, 2012

8 Bit Block Madness

So, my boys have gone block designing CRAZY now that they have realized that they can make any and ALL of their favorite things into quilt blocks :)
Here are my 11 year olds:
Zelda is up first

Now onto MineCraft

Next up is my 8 year old:
(Hint hint... he's into military stuff.....)

.....and a little Minecraft for good measure :)

My six year old asked, "So, how many quilts can we have?" :D

My 11 year old is dying for me to teach him how to quilt :)  I may have to get him his own sewing machine since I am so BAD at sharing :)


  1. The helicopter is so cute!! "How many quilts can we have?" lol

  2. WOW your boys are so creative. I am digging all their block ideas. Zelda is one of my favorite games. My brother and I used to play it all the time! Maybe a Zelda quilt for his birthday!


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