Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Merrily WIPing Along....

I am working on a secret quit project and all I can tell you is that today I cut it out and finished the top :)  ...all I can show you is a few snippets....

I am planning on having this quilted and bound soon :)   Tomorrow I am cutting out one of my $29 quilt tops with my neighbor and her daughter.  They bought the quilt kit too and are wanting to learn how to quilt :)  Party time!

Bonus shot...

My silly boys wearing the flimsy as they play ghost peek-a-boo!


  1. Haha! Love the pic of your boys. :D

  2. Have fun with your neighbor!! Sounds like a perfect day!

  3. omg! you cut out and sewed the top in one day? Kudos to you!

  4. I love those fabrics and looking forward to the pictures to come! :)


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