Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning Success :)

The Easter Bunny came by and dropped off a good ol' stash of loot ;)

About 6:30 the kiddos started to to wake up and brought their gifts in to show the sleeping parents....

She has to close her eyes as to not have them burned out by DH's morning breath ;D

The Easter Bunny even left my husband a haul from World Market...

The Easter Bunny also left some eggs....

...and a few more...

Here are the mug shots of the kids with their bags...

Here are the two that are FAR away... (courtesy of their aunts cell phones)
Texas Teen

Seattle Sister
Next came breakfast....

Oh wait, here is the REAL breakfast ;)  ...although I did have a few Peeps for breakfast...

I was SUPER lazy and used the paper plates left over from last night BBQ.  Not doing dishes was my gift to myself for Easter :D
Happy Easter!!! xo

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add the pics of the quilt I took this morning as the sun was rising :)


  1. Those are some lucky kiddos of Yours with the amount of candies they got. Talking about walking in eggs up to your ankle :)Your quilt looks beautiful with its scalloped edge and I love the detail appliques in the corners! It's good to see your work again! :)

  2. You are awesome, Marion! I bet your kids loved their bags and their loot! And I bet your Mom loved the quilt. So pretty!

    I have a question... What are your kids names?! I know Anna and Ashley.. then Ford... man...who are these adorable kids? Name them in order of age, would you? Thanks!

  3. Email me and I'll fill you in ;)

  4. Haha... OK, we're stuck. I don't have your email address : ) I don't need your kids ages... You've just mentioned some of your kids names in your blog, but I don't think I caught all of them. Don't worry about it at all. I'll find out someday! : )

  5. My email is listed in my profile :) just click on my pic and you'll see an email me Icon :)


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