Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP much to do, so little time....

Here's what's in the works for the rest of the week.
I would like to finish Ashley's All Fenced in quilt by Thursday night, but before she comes home on Sunday.  Here is what I've got going so far on Ash's quilt...
The blocks waiting to be sewn.
Sewn, pressed and starched blocks waiting for trimming.
Trimmed blocks waiting for sewing all together to make a FABULOUS quilt :D
I'd also like to get on top of Austin's quilt...

and Corrine's zigzag quilt...

All three of these quilts should be done next week.  Well, I should say that Austin's NEEDS to be done next Friday because he's coming to town to get it ;D  I suppose I could chill and just do one quilt a week and that would be fine ;)
Oh, I'd like to make some make zippered make-up bags for the girls.

WAIT- STOP THE PRESSES!!!  I need to finish cutting out my retro flower quilt!  

The fabric I bought for the background is HORRIBLE, so I need to get some new fabric.  What do you think about using grey for the background instead of white?  Hmm... I think grey might be pretty cool.  I am also waiting for the invisi-grip to come in the mail from along with a bunch of thread and a gallon of Best Press.  I have a serious crush on that stuff!
I think that is all for my WIP Wednesday.  I am linking up with Freshly Pieced for


  1. My goodness! You made me really tired just reading about all you have to accomplish this week. But you can do it! Will love to see your finished quilts.
    Barb at Mountain Quiltworks

  2. New follower alert! Thanks to the linky party :) Love all the colours you got goin on in these WIPs!!! Especially the blues with oranges (complimentary)!!!

  3. You have been very busy! Good for you and it's all so lovely! Love your fabric choices! Deb.

  4. My oh my, I can't wait to see these done! I love your fabric choices and still envy you for your enthusiasm. Way to go, girl!:)

  5. Thanks y'all! I sure love quilting :) So many beautiful fabrics, so little time!


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