Friday, April 13, 2012

Field Trip Friday!

So, we got up and took the boys on an impromptu surprise field trip.  We started out with a surprise trip to McDonald's for $1 menu breakfast ;)  Yumm ;) ... what else can I do with 3 little boys who really don't care what they eat?  Next we went to Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and ToysRus. :)  We chased that down with a trip to the hospital to see my dad.  He's doing great!  Now came the surprise, we went to World Market and Ikea.  I am pretty sure the boys were TERRIBLY disappointed by all of the shopping, but I had a GREAT time!  Here is what I bought at the stores.... sort of... when we came home there were TWO packages waiting for me and their content is also included in the pics :)
Pictured here are the new project box, black ink and light yellow thread from JoAnns.  The Best press, invisiGrip, white and invisible thread came in the mail from :)  Oh, the orange thing is more magazine boxes for my shelves from Ikea.

Here is my new lamp for my sewing table from Ikea.'s not bright enough :(
My second package was my new zippers from zipit on etsy!!!! (sorry, there are a TON of pictures of my new zippers)  I can't wait to make some zippered bags :)

It's a zipper flower!!!

Now for the most exciting thing I bought today....  a NEW sewing table!  My old sewing table was about 30x18.  My new table is 30x60!  The top was $35 and each leg was $3.50 a piece at Ikea.  I really should have gotten a different color for each leg :p  The legs came in about 5 different colors.  Anyhoots, BEST DAY EVER!!!  Are you ready for the photo essay of it's construction and placement??? ;D
My sweet hubby building my table....well, putting legs on it ;) 

Because he can't put any weight on his leg, he had to lay down to do this :)

Here is the empty clean corner waiting for it's new table.  The light blue blob in the bottom right corner is my serger.
It's sick and needs a trip to the hospital. :(

Ok, I need to explain the duct tape on the left side of the pic on the wall.   A few years ago our water main broke :(  They were going to have to tear out our front walk and porch to repair it and put a new one in.  I came up with the brilliant idea to just run a new one and come in through the corner in the family room.  They had to cut a hole in the wall and I was promised that it would get patched and repaired.  Well, it NEVER GOT DONE :p  As you can see, my thread holder thing is right above the gaping hole.  Any time a bobbin got knocked off it would fall into the wall.    ....I am leaving out the part about the BIG spiders that live in there....  After years of waiting, I just decided to pull out the duct tape and "fix" it myself.  It looks like CRAP, but my bobbins are safe from the black hole!
Here is my hubby asleep on my completed table... (he is REALLY asleep ;)
Here is my table all nestled in!  ... you can hardly see the duct tape...
Doesn't my cutting mat look HAPPY???
DH is sleeping resting.... he is also happy :)

All put back together! ...I can't reach my magnet strip any more :(

Just to the right of my sewing table is a wardrobe where I hide store my fabric.

Happy fabric, all snug as a rug in a bug.... or was the bug in the rug?

That's all!  I am going to watch Mr. Deeds and fall asleep.


  1. I've lived several places where they just sanded, painted, and put a scrap of plywood over the hole. It's not flush with the wall, but it works.
    If it weren't so much moving of stuff (you must be tired!)I'd suggest you could get a local handyman to fix it with a scrap of wallboard for very little cash.
    In any case, have fun with your new space. (I'd love to visit Ikea, and would definitely get one or more of those lights--but I think the nearest one is something like 400+ miles away!

    1. Thanks Dora! I have actually used a call to a handyman to get my hubby to get around to fixing things for me :) Maybe I need to make some calls ;)

  2. Love the new set up! On the plus side of your little light not being bright enough - you can bring it with you to sew days when you need just a little extra light.

    I had to laugh at your duct tape. My suggestion - buy white duct tape. That is what I did on one of the shelves in my fridge and you can hardly tell:)

    1. Ah Ha! White... I should have thought of that! We've got orange, red, yellow, leopard and zebra print, but no white ;) ...and great idea about the light! I'll have to haul it with me to quilting parties :) thanks!

  3. Oh,how I love those zippers! I started to buy some, but they are expensive if you got the at the store. (I mean $1.49 and up) I went to the etsy store and fell in love with it. Thanks for mentioning, she can expect some serious damage from me too :) Don't you just love IKEA? They have so many good stuff for reasonable prices. Too bad you live on the other side of the country, I would've offered that my fiance can fix your wall :) Thanks for the loot pictures, it makes me wanna buy more stuff :):) have a great day and enjoy your new setup!

    1. Hey Kati! I am SO happy with the zippers! I know what you mean about them being SO expensive at the store! I think the ones I ordered ended up averaging about 35 cents a piece! ROCK STAR!!!
      and YES, I love Ikea! and yes again, I'd take your fiance up for the fix. My hubby can do it, and do it well, but my do do list is not always on the top of his. He has so many other outstanding qualities I just get to over look a few holes in the drywall ;) I'm pretty sure the duct tape will bug him enough that he'll fix is soon....well, sooner than before ;D xo


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