Friday, April 6, 2012

not so much sewing..... well, sort of....

Sorry, I have to start with my FAVORITE Easter funny-

I really need to post when I am fully awake, but such is life.  I should leave all my misspellings and typos for fun ;)  I miss half of them anyway :(
I basted and started quilting the Cherry Cherry Picnic.  I really got myself in WAY over my head as I am trying to do some detailed fmq. :p  Here are the shots of what I am attempting.  I have had to walk away from this bad boy repeatedly.  I hope I can make myself get it finished tomorrow so I can give it to my mom for Easter.  MOm, if you are reading this, STOP NOW and turn away from your iPad!!!
Oh, I forgot, I cleaned up my sewing spot.  It was a wreck!  Here are the before pics...
(this should keep my mom from seeing her present if she is looking on.....)

It looks like something BLEW UP....say like maybe my fabric stash? ;D
Here are the after pics..... are you ready?

Much better, eh?
So now here are the quilt pics, drum roll, please...

I think I like just the meander stuff.  It's faster and it plays better to my "get it done NOW" mindset ;D

PS- I added another tab at the top for the crazy slippers I crocheted for all of my nieces and nephews for Christmas :)

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