Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's my Birthday and I can cry if I want to!!!

Let me just say that today was a GREAT day!  Unfortunately, first thing this morning I was hit hard with a nasty migraine :p  I get them every once in a while, but usually just one and I can manage it ok.  Today I got a double whamy one.  I was feeling better and decided to try church when another one hit again.  I got out of the the car and went back in to sleep while the family was at church.  When they got home my brain was in some serious pain so I downed some Tylenol and Advil.  After about an hour, no relief, and no surprise really, I sent my daughter out to find me a diet pepsi.  I started to sip on that.  Slowly my head began to surrender.  I think the pepsi has a magic placebo affect.  Who cares ;)  Company started to show up and after about an hour of talking to them through wincing eyes, I actually started to feel better. :)
So, here is the recap of the exciting events for the day :)  First off the family made me crepes with whipping cream and strawberries and sausage on the side :)  YUMM!!  Head hurt, but I muscled through it.  Next was the attempt for church, which was a no go, so I took a 2 hour nap :D  Nap good!  When my baby brother arrived, he served me his AmAZINg flan with , you guessed it, strawberries and whipping cream :)  It was the perfect appetizer.  For dinner my hubby grilled bacon wrapped filet mignon :)  It was TASTY!!!  Oh yeah, there was salad and fruit too, but I was kinda hung up on the meat.  I LOVE meat!  For dessert, many of our neighbors came over to share in the cake extravaganza.  My hubbs bought red velvet, carrot and tuxedo cake from costco :)  SUPER good!  I had the tuxedo cake and was in heaven!
Now for the presents :)  I sure was spoiled today!  My hubby gave me a speaker system for my kindle so I can listen to music or books while sewing :)  My 17 year old gave me a wonderful card and a gift certificate to Rodizio's Brazilian restaurant :D  YUMMY!

 My 20 year old got me a "What Would Sue Do" Tee Shirt.  I LOVE SUE!!!
My friend Shanelle got me...
A pretty necklace, running socks and some yummy smelling hand sanitizer:)
My friend Suzy gave me YUMMY yarn :)
My SIL and bro, gave me a gift certificate to Gracie Lou's Quilt Shoppe!!! :()
My sister and my friend Jill are going to take me out to eat this week :) ..two separate trips!
My mom sent me cookies and these books :) ...and don't forget the fabric from yesterday :)

The note from mom.
My sons made me a BEAUTIFUL card :)
and finally, my friend Kim MADE me these AWESOME soaps :)

They smell SO yummy!
I am off to bed.  This silly headache is the kind that hiccoughs for days :(  I am so sad....  Maybe I will get lucky and it will be all better tomorrow ;)



    I'm glad you have such a nice family and nice friends who treat you so well on your birthday! And I'm so sorry for the migraines - ugh! I hate those. You are a trooper.

    I hope you enjoy the coming week with some more partying. : )

    1. Thank you, Myra! You sing so beautifully. :)

  2. I have a question for you. How did you make that Kindle Fire cover?

    1. I don't remember :(... I used shirt boxes to make it stiff. I found a bunch of covers on pinterrest and combined a few. I'll see if I can find them tomorrow. I mostly made it up as I went along ;)


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