Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Slow Tuesday

I got a bunch of blocks finished for Ashley's quilt this morning but just didn't want to sew anymore :(  I decided to clean my room and finish watching season 4 of 24.  I also got the "girl on" and painted my finger nails.  They are are super awesome spring green.

 I should have painted my toes too, but I'll have to wait till later.  I've got to fold some laundry...oh wait!  I can't, my nails are wet ;D

I was SUPER good and did my 40 minutes on the elliptical this morning.  I also scheduled a massage for tomorrow morning after my pt appt.  I was pretty naughty after lunch, though.  I ate another See's Rocky Road Easter egg.

I ate one yesterday and now another one today :(  I am going to have to send the last Rocky Road egg with my husband to work tomorrow or there is not doubt that I will eat another one...  I am SO weak when it comes to food... especially chocolate.... especially See's chocolate!

For the rest of the day I plan to fold laundry and sew a few more blocks here and there.  I plan to get those toe nails done too :)

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