Monday, April 9, 2012

Zakka SAL House Pouch

I was a SUPER good girl today :)  I exercised and did yoga and went to PT :)  Along with all of my good for my body stuff, I also sewed the Zakka SAL zippered house pouch and got a few blocks of Ashley's All Fenced in Quilt done :)  Get ready for the pics :)

 I have to say that I think it's pretty dang cute.  I am going to mail it to my mother in law in Germany for Mothers's Day.  I was pretty worried about making a zippered pouch but it was pretty easy and I will probably make some more this week for me and my girls.  I love acquiring a new skill ;D  It was pretty easy to make, BONUS!

So what is next?  Oh, yes, Ashley's All Fenced In quilt.  The pattern is from Elizabeth Hartman book The Practical Guide To Patchwork.  It is the first quilting book I ever bought and she is my HERO!

These are my blocks above, and this is Elizabeth's quilt from a pic I took from the book below.

 Oh, and as a follow up from Saturday, check this out!

My baby figured out how to ride his bike!!!  GO GO GO!!!  I came up stairs to get something and low and behold, he was out two wheeling all on his own!  BEST DAY EVER!! ;D

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  1. Cute zipper bag --- I love the cherries in the windows! You'll have lots of fun making more of them - they're very addictive!

    Congratulations to your son on also learning a new skill - just in time for bike season, too!

  2. Thanks, Sandra! I used to have a purse business and I really like making them. I just ordered a large lot of suppers so I can go wild! And regarding my son, he is having a BLAST! I LOVE watching his new found freedom bloom :)

  3. Wow, I make zippered pouches all the time but this is the cutest, most creative one I've ever seen!! Did you make your own pattern?

    1. Hi Kat! You are so kind! This is actually a pattern from Zakka style. I am doing the Zakka Style sew along. It is pretty fun. There are so many types of projects to keep the creativity going! There is a button/link to the sew along on the top right of my blog :)

  4. Such a cute zakka pouch! One of the loveliest I've seen! :o) Deb.

    1. Thanks, Deborah! It was SO much fun to make! :)

  5. Such a cute pouch! Love the fabrics you've chosen


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