Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the 2nd Day of MY Birthday...

Hold the presses!  I forgot to show y'all how my daughter responded to the boy who asked her to prom (how he asked her is shown HERE)....

There are many Swedish fish "floating" in the sea of jello :)
This bowl is full of blue Jello and a duct tape note in the bottom under the rocks.  His dad said his hand turned blue from all of the "fishing" around in the bowl.  So, she poured shredded paper ALL over his porch and then put the bowl and sign on top of it and door bell ditched the whole thing :)  We could hear him yell, "OH NO!!!"  as we drove out of sight ;D
So, for the 2nd day of my two week birthday celebration I kept on working on the retro flower quilt.  I sewed two batches of petal parts and pressed them.  They are SO cute!!!
I was able to start my 3rd batch of 37 petal pieces.  I think they are REALLY cute!
Here is what I have left to piece...
Oh, and ALL of the squares :)
I also started knitting my second sock, since one sock is kinda rough to wear ;D
 I have an addendum to a previous post.  I may have to finish my sisters quilt because I CANT stand not having it finished.  My hubby just informed me that he has a meeting tomorrow morning ON HIS DAY OFF about an hour away from our home.  I'm kinda grouchy about it so I may just quilt ALL day to spite him....not really, but that sounds like a good idea.  I'll probably be over it by the time he gets home at noon and wants to take me out on a date ;D
xo!  Happy Friday!!!


  1. Marion!! You're one of my Liebster blogs--my favorites. I've posted more about this on my blog today.

  2. I didn't understand the "Oh NO" part, what was that about? Your curves look really good, I'll have practice curved piecing too! You're doing pretty good on the sock knitting department, congratulations on your quick progress! :)

    1. The "Oh no" was in response to seeing the shredded paper all over the front porch :) It was a BIG mess ;D
      thanks for the encouragement, Kati! It means a TON!!!

    2. Just noticed that I'm not doing a good job on the proof reading... oh well! :)


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