Saturday, April 28, 2012

Frenzy Friday, the sequel!

Well, I was right!  I did end up forgiving DH for abandoning me on his day off for a work meeting.  He took me to see Mirror Mirror, which was pretty good.  I liked it :)
So while he was off for work, I baked bread with my 6 year old.  He grinds the wheat for me and adds the flower as the KitchenAid WORKS it's magic :D  My cousins recipe that I use is HERE.  This time I added pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and some quinoa.  YUMMY!!!

For those of you with a keen eye for detail, yes, my son is wearing lederhosen.  He dressed up as Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater today for school.  They had a nursery rhyme picnic and got to act out a nursery rhyme.  He played the piano and sang the rhyme.  Yeah, we were pretty proud of him.  Our other boys wore a sign that read "Jack" and jumped over a candle stick, in their regular clothes.  My "current" 6 year old, had me help him go on line to find a picture of Peter so he could create a costume. Thank heavens he found a picture of a boy in lederhosen!  We have 4 pair of lederhosen in various sizes.  You've gotta love having a German MIL :)
Here is an old picture of my boys when they ALL fit into the lederhosen.  I am so glad we have pictures.  I tried to freeze my family right where they were about 4 years ago, but it didn't work and they just keep getting older :(
Well, lets get on with the story of the day.  While the bread was rising I hopped on the elliptical.  Now for some EXCITING news, the doctor wanted me to run a little bit today :)  He wanted me to run around my block, just under a 1/4 mile.  It felt SOOOOOO GOOD!  You may think that sounds crazy, but to make my body work that hard, even for a very short period of time, was exhilarating!  I didn't even know that I missed that feeling.  I came home hot, sweaty, totally out of breath, heart pounding out of my chest and nearly in tears because I had forgotten about the rush.  I miss that rush, I NEED that rush.   It's kind of like the exertion burns off all of the stress and "fuzz" that clouds my mind and body.  I know that you are now certain that I am bonkers, but I don't know how else to describe it.  Pretend that stress forms little strands of fine glass through out your whole body, layer upon layer, thicker and thicker :(  Running shatters it all, sending it flying out into the universe.   Ok, that does sound weird, sorry, I'll move on to the quilting now ;D
I was able to get the third batch of petal pieces sewn.  111 down, 129 to go!
They are so cute as a chain with all of the pins :)  I usually don't pin, let alone sew over my pins, but this project seems to demand it, so I am just relaxing and going with it.  I sew these pieces so slowly, that hitting a pin hasn't happened ....yet ;D  They are all pressed too :)
I also got some knitting it.  I am onto the heal of sock #2  :)
Saturday should be a relaxing day ;D  I am hoping to ellipt, run, shower, color my hair, finish off the sock for my birthday sunday and get at least one batch of petal pieces pinned, sewn and pressed!  My mom did mention that she wanted to take me shopping Saturday for my birthday.  We shall see if that happens too :)
xo to you all!  Have a WOnDERFUL weekend!
PS- I mentioned to my hubby that he should be pretty excited because he has an AWESOME wife that not only bakes and quilts, but knits now too!  ;D


  1. Marion, it's so funny because I went walking yesterday for the first time I don't even remember how long and ended up running 2.2 miles and walking 2.8 miles. I walked uphill, didn't want to strain myself too much since I haven't ran for over 6 months. I know the feeling you are talking about and don't think you're a weirdo! Those kids look awesome with the lederhosen :) Little German boys! And they have blond hair too :) Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Birthday week!

    1. Whoo hooo! Yeah for the running :) its almost as awesome as quilting ;)

  2. I baked bread this week too! The first time in...hmmm, quite a few years. DARLING boys in there special suits. Reminds me a bit of "Sound of Music" =)

    I NEED help with sock heels! I am soo bad at doing these. I have 3 pairs started with no heels =P


    1. Hi Annie :) my neighbor talked me through the heels :) Gotta be grateful for the friend who can read a pattern ;) xo


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