Friday, March 9, 2012

Bread BREAD! Hot Bread!!!

A few weeks ago I went out to lunch with my cousin, Lynette, and bread came up.  She gave me her recipe and I LOVE it!  She even hooked me up, via, to her favorite bread pans.  I have been on a hunt for the right size bread pan for a while now.  I found some at the $ store that were pretty near perfect.  Any hoots, the three pans on the left are the $11 ones from Amazon, and the two on the right are from the $$$ store. 
The fun part about making the bread is that you can eat it hot... wait, that is not what I meant to say.  I meant to say that the fun part about baking bread is that my 6 year old loves to help me.  He grinds the wheat and adds the flower into the mixer for me.  I feel like the story, "Who will help me grind the wheat?"... anyway, it has become a fun thing that we do together and he is very proud of his bread :)  I am too!  See the recipe below.  Please note that these are just amounts, please follow regular bread making procedures.  If you don't know how, you're gonna need to look up a good tutorial on-line ;)
The little loaf in the middle was formed by my 6 year old.  We are going to eat that one HOT!

Lynette's YUMMY Whole Grain Bread
I add this in order....
6 C very warm water
2/3 C oil
2/3 C sugar or honey
2 T salt
I start adding the freshly ground flour now a cup at a time.  I keep adding while mixing until it get to a consistency of a thinner mashed potatoes ;)  then add:
3 heaping tablespoons of SAF instant yeast (quick rise)
(I like to add about a 1/2 C of uncooked quinoa at this point for texture.  Pumpkin seeds are fun too)
Then change to the dough hook and slowly add flour a 1/2 cup at a time until the dough ball begins to clean the sides of the bowl.  up to 16 cups of flour total.  cover and let rise until double in size.  Divide into 5 loaves ( I use 1# loaf pans).  Let rise.  Bake at 375 for abt 35 minutes.  I bake mine at 350 in my convection oven for 35 minutes.  Remove from oven and tip out of the pans and let cool on their side.  The most important thing is to make sure you have a cube of butter ready to go.  One loaf must be eaten immediately to make sure that it is not poison :)


  1. OK Marion, I don't mean to pester you by commenting again, but I HAD to share this with you! You probably have already heard about this, but in case you haven't...

    There's stuff called spray adhesive for quilting that people use to baste their quilt sandwich together before quilting it! (No more crawling around on the floor pinning!) Here's a link to one brand:

    I was surfing quilt blogs last night and came across an adorable quilt and she talked about spray basting:

    And here's a quick youtube video showing how to use it:

    Looks fun! And I just really want to make that bubble quilt!

  2. You are AWESOME... and I love your posts :) I have seen the spray basting. I am worried about the over spray and that it not stick to the minky :( I am thinking abouttrying it ina baby quilt, outside (over spray) . People really like it. I'm also cheap and already own my pins :)


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