Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Secret Surprises...

I had this whole post written and then it FROZE and died :P  I am pretty grouchy about it :(  Any hoots, with the kids at school, I got one bag sewn and 3 more cut out :)  They came home early today... early out Wednesday... so I had to stop short, but I should be able to get them done tomorrow.  I took the measurements for this one from Sweet Floweret's tutorial.  I didn't use her directions or her methods, but her  sizing is good.  The strap is just barely long enough for my six year old.  I have adjusted the sizing for the rest of my kiddos.

The blue stripe is a pocket that runs the length is the bottom.  It is divided into three sections.

Once the kids invaded my sewing room, I had to get busy with something else to throw them off the Easter bag scent.  I decided to buck up and put the applique on the Cherry Cherry Picnic $29 quilt.  I really hate applique.  It is too artistic and detailed.  I have no patience :(  My zigzag isn't perfect :(  I also drew on the lines for the wavy border.

You can barely see the curved marking on the border.
Once I had this done.. and dinner cooked... I cut into the Stars of the Barnyard $29 quilt.   It is going to be SO cute!!!  There was a floral and peach plaid that I swapped out for more boy prints.  You can see pic's of  the example quilt HERE .

So tomorrow, I plan on attacking the bags again during school hours.  Oh, I will go to the doc too.  I have got to get my body working again so I can start running again.  I will sew the Star's of the Barnyard quilt when the kids are around.  I need to get the backing for the Cherry Cherry Picnic quilt... Hmmmm.  I'd really like to quilt that tomorrow, but it probably have to wait until Saturday.

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