Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost finished...

Today I had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Should I make another purse? Should I make a table runner? Should I sew Ashley's quilt top? Maybe make the cover for my sewing machine? In the end I opted to finish the Pink and Grey quilt. I am 98% sure that I can give this one away. I am feeling good about it. We shall see :) After making my quilt sandwich (which I LOVE) and basting it (which I DON'T love), I had to make a commitment to how I wanted to quilt it. Because the backing minky is so textured (and was SO expensive) I thought I should maybe not obscure it with a lot of fmq. I decided to use my walking foot and straight stitch around the boxes and do a little floral stuff in the grey inner borders. I wasn't sure what to do in the outer pink border. I ended up doing straight stitching there. I am officially IN LOVE with the binding fabric. I love the grey and white with a leaf print. I made the binding a bit scrappy by adding pieces of the pinks in between the strips of grey and white. I used Konda's binding "finish it up" technique.

Here is a large daisy/rose. It's just like the one's on Vintage Eva.

I fmq'd daisies round the inner grey border and rose/big daisies around the outer grey border.

I did quilt around the chenille flowers.

The straight stitches around all of the blocks.

A nice shot of the binding sewn to the quilt.

One of the smaller chenille flowers quilting. I haven't trimmed the stray thread yet ;D

This is a good shot of the minky texture.

Quilting and texture.

All folded neatly waiting for me to finish the binding in the morning :) The grey minky is the same color as the leaves in the binding fabric.
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  1. Yaaaah, the chenille looks awesome! And I'd like to cuddle with the back, it looks soooo soft and snuggly! Beautiful quilt!

  2. Thanks Kati! I love this quilt :) My dad had a great time snuggling with it and wants one for himself now :) I have a serious "pink" thing and am trying to figure out who to give this one too. My 17 year old daughters says to keep it, but I've got to give something away some time or we'll be known as the land of a million quilts ;D ....Which I suppose wouldn't be all that bad :)


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