Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Official Quilt Business

I sewed on the binding and have made it about half way around. I should be able to finish it off tonight. I am planning to put the boys to bed early so I can start to baste Ford's quilt. We have an important appointment at 8:30pm and I am debating weather or not I can be crawling around on the living room in front of our quests pinning my quilt sandwich ;D What do you think? I dont think they'll mind...

I finally tossed this one in the washer. It is even softer now than it was before. It took so long to get in the washer because a RED crayon made it through the last load of clothes :p I have been him hawing over how to fix the issue, and between that and forgetting about it all together, I didn't get them cleaned until this morning. I also needed to run another regular load through to make sure there were no more RED crayon remnants any where. The reddened load came out mostly better :) I soaked the whole load in HOT water (medium water level) for 1/2 of the day in the washer with 4 heaping scoops of oxyclean and one regular scoop of laundry soap ( Kirkland brand). Then I put the load size setting on "large" and on the longest wash cycle, still HOT, adding 2 more scoops of oxyclean and one more scoop of regular laundry soap. The RED came out of nearly everything. There are a few little bits left that I can live with, or should I say the son who's crayon it was, can live with on his pants ;D

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