Monday, March 5, 2012

A Present from Germany..

First off, I must be VERY clear that I DID NOT MAKE THESE :D My mother-in-law knitted them and sent them to my hubby. I promptly stole them from him and put them on. He only has one usable leg, so there was not much he could do about it :) David's parents are serving as missionaries for our church in Prenzlau, Germany. They come home in September. We miss them, but we can call/skype them :) Oh, also in the package was a bunch of YUMMY German chocolate :) The package was ripped open when we got it and rubber banded back together by the postal service. It seems that everything was still in the package. I am so glad the socks were not lost! Eva is an amazing crafter/sewer/quilter. Hopefully I can learn how to do it with her tutelage :) I am pretty dense with knitting. I have tried SO many times and to no avail. I mix it all up :p

Due to popular demand, here are the DIVINE chocolate bars thatEva & Mac sent from Germany.  I remember Kinderbars from when I was a child.  David has the two Lindt bars and the small dark one hidden under his bed :D  I am so glad that he shares well ;)


  1. Awesome socks, Marion! You should've posted a picture about the Milka chocolates too! :)

  2. I'll take a picture of the wrappers :) The kids ate them all :) Whoo hoo!!!!

  3. I posted the garbage of the two bars that the kids devoured ;) I thought they had eaten them all, but my hubby had hidden three under his side of the bed ;D

  4. Ah, Lindt is our very favorite and Kinder used to be my favorite when I was a kid... Those old times, LOL!


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