Friday, March 9, 2012

I think I have lost my marbles...

So every Friday Crazy Mom Quilts has a Finish It Up Friday where you can post your finishes for the week.  It turns out that I got a TON of stuff done in the past 7 days!  I finished the Sweet Angle Fairy Pink Flower Quilt( I really need to settle on one name for that quilt), Anna's Brown Quilt Blues Quilt, Fords quilt, a quilting platform, and a sewing machine cover thing. ....oh wait, and I cleaned out my sewing room/cupboard/space :)  I even got so excited that I took this picture.....
Here is a stack of my finished quilts, minus two*.  I think I need to list them all:
The Vintage States Handkerchief Quilt
The Brown Quilt Blues
MY Valentine Quilt
The Pink & Yellow Baby Quilt*
January $29 Quilt
Kate's Over the Rainbow Quilt
Vintage Eva Quilt*
Sweet Pink Fairy Quilt
Ford's Quilt

That is nine finished quilts since ~January 20th, 2012.  I think I may be sick or something...  I have also made a purse and a sewing machine cover.  I think that's all.  Oh, my house is clean but I have been remiss about fixing dinner every night :(
*the missing quilts were given away.  I am feeling a little sad that they aren't here for the "family" picture :(  But they are loved ;D

ps- I am going to take a better picture of these.....  and voila! is is :)


  1. Marion,I envy You! I haven't even got to sew this week except a little hand embroidery that I haven't finished yet. You rock!

  2. You are amazing, Marion! You are my hero! You know, because of you I've been bitten by the quilting bug again. It's wonderful, but rotten all at the same time. Wonderful - because I love it! Rotten - because I m-i-g-h-t have like 1-2 hours a week to sew... : (

    I've also been checking out all these cool blogs you've listed and, well, let's just say that I'm dreaming about quilts these days. : )

    One thing you might want to do, in all your awesomeness, is to have a link to show a picture of each of your completed quilts. They are sure beautiful!!! Just an idea. Love your blog! And, I think your dad is adorable!

  3. Hey Myra! I'm so excited you have caught the bug! Tell Grant I am sorry :) I did put a link to each quilt listed above. Is that what you meant? Xoxoxo
    Hi Kati- I love embroidery :) You will get it finished :)

  4. He's already laughing at my comments of dreaming about quilts, and waking up measuring fabric in my head! : )

    I guess what I meant by a link to finished quilts is like this:

    No biggy, this is your blog! You do whatever you want. On the Cluck Cluck site I just enjoyed going to one link and scrolling down a length of pictures of finished quilts. Just kinda fun. Your quilts are so pretty I just thought it would be fun to scroll through them all in the same link.

    How's David's foot? Is he all better?

  5. I checked it out... that looks awesome :) I think she has a real website. I'll have to look into it and see if I cam figure out how to do it in blogland :)


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